Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Audio Sensory Awakening Part 5

Oooh yeeeaaaa.... (no, im not going to snap into a slim jim)

So I was on hiatus last week due to a very full work schedule plus getting ready for a party last Friday. All went veddy well, thanks for asking! But now I return to my beautiful OMFG bloggers and continue spreading the virus! Part 3 of Angels Carrying Savage Weapons will come in good time, I promise. However, genius needs patience. So for now I bring you more selections from my recent crate digs:

The first two songs here are both from a really kool site rcrdlbl.com go check 'em out.

This is without a doubt the koolest track I've come across the past 2 weeks. Simply because I never thought I'd ever hear an electronica version. Them Jeans (aka Jason Stewart) from L.A. has put together tons of awesome remixes and mashups which you can find floating all over the blogs. I didn't even realize this was going to be a cover of Weezer's "Only In Dreams" until the first measure of the track (I guess the track name isn't a dead giveaway, but I still kicked myself for not picking up on it sooner) Only In Jeans - Them Jeans

CFCF's remix of HEALTH's "Before Tigers" seems to be blowing up on the blogs lately. If you haven't caught on to CFCF yet, be sure to check out his other tracks "You Hear Colors" as well as his remix of The Presets tune "Talk Like That" (super awesome track). He definitely has a softer, airy style that he puts on the tunes he remixes. Hmm, I wonder if that just comes from living in Montreal? Anywayz, check out his latest here: Before Tigers - HEALTH (CFCF Remix)

Both Dani Deahl and Preston Craig seem to be fans of these new remixes of Tiga's "Shoes". I was never really a big Tiga fan, but I will admit that occaisinally he will pull off a remix I really like. Or in this case, a good remix of one of his tracks will find its way into my ear. I came across Bang Gang's mix first on dsquared and I definitely liked it right off the bat. It's heavy, it's dark, it's got rolling electro riffs and solid kicks. Shoes - Tiga (A Bang Gang Hot Shoe Re-Shuffle). However, I have always been a disco fanatic at the core and if that's what you're looking for then shoot over to kissatlanta to find Shoes - Tiga (Beni Remix). Both great tracks and yes, that is Madonna on vocals.

I just glanced through my previous posts so I could reference this next artist, but it seems I haven't mentioned GRUM in anything besides the Angels Carrying Savage Weapons 2 tracklist. Shame on me. I think I came across GRUM first when I heard last year's LeCastleVania mix of Go Back. I still love that track. And then when I heard Ironical Sexism by Revolte (GRUM Remix) (seen here with pedobear dancing for an unofficial video). I knew I really liked GRUM's taste. He brings it again with his new track Woah - GRUM (Digitalfoxglove Remix), which is on ACSW2. But this latest find from discodust comes with a lot more of an electro disco sound and it's got me hooked right now Miracle - Tommy Sparks (GRUM Remix).

Here's one for the old skool house/hip hop heads.. think you can listen to it one more time? I'll House You - Bryan Cox vs. Jungle Brothers. Thanks for the post dsquared. And speaking of old skool, DJ Smiles slapped this one down @ Disco 2000 last Saturday and totally brought me back. I've got an old disco house ep on vinyl with a shorter version of this, but you just can't go wrong with Disco Juice - Cloud One (Re-Edit). Courtesy of kissatlanta.

Oh, and if you wanna see an awesome video of a badass rubberband gun set to metal, check it. Yes, I know I'm still a dork.

-- P.A.T.T.

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