Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rolling Stone's Best of 2010

"From music's best newcomers to the worst of Hollywood, everything you need to know about the past year"


Enjoy, and happy new year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

OMFG(ossip)!! - Natalie Portman is pregnant AND engaged

 photo on left Photo by Theo Wargo – © WireImage.com

Nothing says "whoops" like announcing that you're pregnant and engaged at the same time.  According to justjared.com, Natalie Portman, 29, is pregnant with now fiance/baby daddy Benjamin Millepied, 33.  He was a choreographer on her latest movie "Black Swan." I imagine working that closely for so many hours a day created a lot of sexual tension. Or maybe they wanted a baby? hmm.  Well congrats to the surprised, happy couple!


Friday, December 24, 2010

OMFG - Beer Review Series - 12 Beers Of Christmas!

12 Beers of Christmas

Going to the package store in the colder months is like walking in a old ale heaven. Brewers use the holiday season as a reason to trot out specialty ales and slap Christmas- and winter-themed labels on the bottles. Many of these beers fall into the “winter warmer’’ category — heavier on malt than hops, perhaps brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices. But many fall into other categories that could be enjoyed any time of year. There are too many holiday beers to try in the short time they’re available. To get you started, here are 12 beers you must try.

Anchor Steam – Our Festive Ale:
It changes every year and 2010 is one of the best in my opinion.
ABV: 5.50%
Price: $11 per 6-pack
Profile: Complex combination of toasty malt flavor along with fruits and spices, all coming out in that order. Well balanced without the hops making too big an impression.

Samuel Adams - Old Fezziwig Ale
Available in the 12 pack and a quality beer for craft and non-craft drinkers alike.
ABV: 5.90%
Price: $14 per 12-pack
Profile: Roasted caramel malts and fruity esters, mostly raisin. Spiciness - cinnamon and ginger. A little booze to warm at the finish.

Bell's - Christmas Ale
A Scottish style ale very drinkable and complex at the same time: May be hard to find in the Atlanta area
ABV: 5.40%
Price: $11 per 6-pack
Profile: pears and apples, some citrus hop bite, caramel malt, then fades into a  bready malt with a bit of alcohol warmth.

Southern Tier - Old Man (Winter Ale)
A Old Ale: Per www.southerntierbrewing.com “complex amalgam of hops and barley that will put the feeling back in your toes and lift your spirits above the snow”
ABV: 7.2%
Price: $8 per 6-pack
Profile: almost a lager type characteristic. Very drinkable with pine, hops, cracker malt, spicy yeast and of course booze.

Mikkellar - Santa's Little Helper 2010
Another beer that changes year to year, this Belgian dark strong ale will not disappoint.
ABV: 9.10%
Price $11 per 750ml
Profile: Spiced with bitter and sweet orange peels and nutmeg. Easy to drink and boozy to boot.

Mikkellar - Fra Til (From To)
One of my personal favorite beers for Christmas a Baltic porter that delivers with booze.
ABV: 8.00%
Price $11 per 750ml
Profile: Big roasted espresso notes, followed by dark chocolate, herbal notes, gingerbread, and bittersweet dark fruits.

The Bruery – 3 French hens
Part of the 12 years of beers from The Bruery this is the 3rd installment and delivers on the promise of great beer. If you can still find it in Atlanta it will be a Christmas miracle.
ABV: 10%
Price $12 per 750ml
Profile: spiced fruit, cherries and plums, and raisins. Wine like taste, light spice profile, finished by French oak and vanilla. Great after dinner beer.

Weyerbacher Winter Ale
A winter warmer with malts and vanilla forward really one trick pony but very easy to drink.
ABV: 5.6%
Price: $12 per 6-pack
Profile: Classified as a winter warmer, this is really more of an English old ale. Aroma is smoky and full of molasses. Medium body.

Avery - Old Jubilation Ale
Easilly hidden alcohol for 8%. This beer goes down smooth and will please a crowd.
ABV: 8 %
Price: $12 per 6-pack
Profile: Pours dark brown using five different malts in the brewing process, hazelnuts and butterscotch on both the nose and taste followed closely by a nice mild citrus flavor.

Hoppin’ Frog - Frosted Frog Christmas
This is a dessert beer that delivers in smell and flavor. You like gingerbread and cream? This will be your best friend.
ABV: 8.6 %
Price: $9  per 22oz bomber
Profile:  Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg - liquid gingerbread. This beer is a dessert.

St. Bernardus - Christmas Ale
No Christmas celebration is complete without a St. Bernardus under the tree. It’s a perfect beer for a perfect celebration.
ABV: 10%
Price: $12  per 22oz bomber
Profile: figs, dried fruit, Belgian yeast and sticky spicy finish

Sierra Nevada – Celebration Ale
An American IPA for the holiday season. So crisp and drinkable anytime.
ABV: 6.8%
Price $9 per 6-Pack
Profile: Hoppy and bitter IPA with grapefruit and pine followed by orange citrus and caramelly malts.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

LOVE Thursdays? Me too! + deadmau5 freebies!

On this very special LOVE Thursday, we will be giving our contest winner, Jamie "mau5head" Hall, her Prize bag of awesome goodies including an autographed deadmau5 poster! Also, I've got more posters for the first 15 people to come up to the dj and mention OMFGAtlanta! And to make it even sweeter... I've got 3 more copies of the new deadmau5 album 4x4=12 to give away to the first 3 people to come up and tell me the name of deadmau5's cat!! 

dj p.a.t.t. 8:30p - 12:30a
chill, electronica, hip hop, funk, house, indie dance, dubstep, more

Apres Diem is located off the intersection of 8th St and Monroe Dr behind Trader Joe's, 
between The Highlander and Midtown Arts Cinema


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our deadmau5 4x4=12 Prize Winner!

 The winner of the OMFGAtlanta deadmau5 Prize Pack is...
Jamie "mau5head" Hall

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter and thanks for reading OMFGAtlanta!

"A while back, I was going through a particularly tough time in my life. I'd lost my job due to this difficult economy and I had also had a relatively bad car accident. My dear friend Scott Voyles who was a popular Dj in Atlanta back in the day who happened to have worked with Mr. Joel Zimmerman, introduced a song to me. It was Deadmau5 "Sometimes things get....Whatever". I must have listened to the song a million times back to back. I fell in love with Deadmau5. I love his quirky "mau5 heads" and the fact that he uses many genres of music in his inspiration and projects. I was never an Electronic, Trance or Techno girl. But his stellar mixes have invaded my ipod ever since. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to Mr. Zimmerman's stunning audio visions. I absolutely love his work. Thank you Deadmau5 for introducing me to a whole new genre of music and audio pleasure to my life. You rock my socks!" - Jamie


Monday, December 13, 2010

DivKid - Pile Driver EP

After a slew of remixes coming down the line, the DivKid machine has delivered a nice remix EP of their latest track 'Pile Driver". The original track is probably my favorite on this package simply because it feels like it just fills the room once it builds into the full body of the song. I'd probably file this under progressive before I'd put it in my electro crate, but it does have some electro elements. Backed up with 4 solid remixes from Bonn Lewis, Paul Lewis, Quantum Loop, and Dom Kane all mostly on that progressive side as well, but each with their own twist (Paul Lewis' 'Dark' mix brings a very minimal, eerie sound that you gotta check out). Check them out on the player here and then go pick up your faves from any one of the links below:

Pile Driver EP DJ support
(Phil Hartnoll) Orbital, Markus Schulz, Dave Seaman, Flash Brothers, Dibby Dougherty, Inigo Bar, Alex Kenning, Andy Mac, DJ Taucher, Maksim Yarmov, Aurelio, Steve Stimpy, Bernard Wilson, Shaahin Shalchian, DJ Baracuda, Javier, Drada, DJ Claudio, Michael Masem, DJ Wayno
- 'Liking them old skool t99 styled stabs'
- 'it's trying to be a bit different and taking some risks'
- 'Great tunes all remixes are worthy and all have something that was brought to the party which is unusual'
- 'Great Release'
- 'Quality'
- 'Well produced rollin' groove'
- 'remix is massive'
- 'Massive remix'
- 'Great track, infectious beats'


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hot Mess - 2 Original Tracks + 2 Remixes + DJ Mix

Happy Holidays from Hot Mess
They just dropped all these in our email like phat lumps of coal!

Side note: These guys played this party last night.... I'm so jealous.

   ALLOi! by Hot_Mess



It's that time again! Time for the annual Dirty Shirty Toys For Tots Event!
Come party with the Dirty Shirty girls all while helping a great cause. We've got DJ's Jay Envy and Mark Graves lined up to keep you moving all night long!
So, come out and party with all your friends at Graveyard Tavern and remember to bring a Toy so you can get in for FREE!
(Suggested Toy value - $5.00 and up)
Oh, and be sure to find Santa and let him know if you have been Naughty or Nice.

Doors at 8:00 pm
DJs from 10:00 pm - close
Suggested Toy Value $5.00 and Up
21 +

Special Appearance by:
**Ashley from Rock of Love**

The Graveyard Tavern
1245 Glenwood Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, Ga


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Congorock - Babylon (Peo De Pitte feat Chronz RD Remix)

After the lauded success of his much sought-after remixes (Sidney Samson's Riverside and Telepopmusik's Beathe); Peo De Pitte has picked up and resprayed arguably the biggest hit of the year.... Congorock's inimitable Babylon!

The original, for whom has missed it, is off A-Trak's Fools Gold label!

Twisting and re-imagining the beats into something new, Peo De Pitte then adds a little discotronic topping before drafting in the vocal talents of 21 year old rapper Chronz RD. The group RD AKA Ruff Diamondz is by many tipped as the next big UK thing!

An instant classic, now with a brand new serving suggestion....! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OM(usic)FG - Paul Warner - "Deadly Waterparks"

picture from paulwarner.tv

It has been almost 3 years since I lived in Athens, and I’ve yet to find a singer/songwriter with that "Athens"  musical dynamic here in Atlanta. Well, that was until I heard Paul Warner’s latest cd “Deadly Waterparks.” This music reminds me of those good times in Athens when we would randomly walk into a small bar and hear a great singer/songwriter that just completely made our night.

The sound is a soothing mix of many instruments (including violin, pedal steel, saxophone, cello) and Paul’s smooth, effortless voice. The ballads are very Jeff Buckley-esque with lyrics that create vivid images in your mind and the faster alt/pop songs remind me very much of Broken Bells grooves that you can’t help but to grin while listening.

“Deadly Waterparks” is a great listen. I’ve listened through so many times I can’t even count. Some of my favorites are “Love in Space” that has a great King’s of Leon kind of guitar riff through out, “Freud” which is a song everyone can probably relate to, and the great ending track “The Movies” is the perfect lullaby love song that leads into a beautiful instrumental piece.

:::::NEXT SHOW::::

Paul Warner and the Whisperers will be playing at Smith’s Olde Bar THURSDAY NIGHT (12/9/10) along with The Bridges and The Kicks. Only $10 for 3 great bands!

Paul Warner

Smith's Olde Bar
1578 Piedmont Ave
Atlanta, Georgia 30307


Run Riot - Vengeance (DivKid Remix)

Another sick remix from the DivKid machine. It's got that progressive build-up and then lots of glitched beats and distortion to keep the dancefloor rockin. Thanks guys! 


Arsenal - Lotuk (Inflagranti Remix)

ARSENAL release their album’s title track LOTUK. Singer-songwriter Shawn Smith (him of Seattle veterans Brad and Satchel) guests on this throughout shimmering tune, with a pulsating Kim Deal-like bass line, trancelike backing vocals and a deliciously na├»ve synthesizer loop that will keep you humming all day long.
It comes action packed with a trio of quality remixes: Sasha Crnobrnja of fellow NYC hipsters IN FLAGRANTI speeds up the vocal over heavy Moroderesque arpeggios, a cluster of beats from a battered Roland and lots of cowbell action. Take notice! 

Pick up the tunes on Playout!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pretty Lights - Glowing In The Darkest Night

I've been slackin! Derek Smith aka Pretty Lights has been hard at work dropping 3 new EPs this year and I missed the first two! Well now I'm catching up and if you haven't been hot on his trail, you should too. He offers each of his releases for free download from his website but I highly encourage you to leave him a couple of bucks via the donation option. Help keep your artists working!


A Setting Sun - Flower Garden Of Rejuvenation

Have a chill Tuesday.

A very low key experimental offering from A Setting Sun. The remix we're giving away is more a hip hop-ish version of one of their tracks. The rest of the EP is quite ambient except for Nadja's Skipping Post Rock Remix which uses a delay to give you a slightly abstract beat. Pick up the EP and more great tunes at Moodgadget.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

deadmau5 4x4=12 Prize Pack


It's our 1st Official Giveaway Contest here on OMFGAtlanta!!
***Contest Open to Atlanta Area Residents Only***

To enter to win the OMFGAtlanta deadmau5 Prize Pack, send an email with subject "deadmau5 prize" to djpartyallthetime@gmail.com with your favorite deadmau5 story. Whether it's from your first time hearing deadmau5 or your most memorable show, surprise us and we'll post your story and you can pick up your Prize Pack from dj p.a.t.t. at Apres Diem, Thursday December 16th. We also have several posters and a few extra copies of the album to giveaway that evening. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday December 14th at 11:59pm EST. Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!

Here's a pic from the first time I saw deadmau5 playing a smaller club here in Atlanta with my friend jj = )
It's hard to tell 'cause he isn't wearing the mau5head and he's way back there in the dj booth...
Ya I've prob got better pics of him from shows but this one captured more of the vibe that night.


NAPT vs Bashy vs 2Pac vs Chromeo

Celebrating the release of
Bashy & NAPT's "Make My Day",
NAPT mashed Bashy's 2009 hit "Millionaire", TuPac’s "California Love" &
Chromeo’s "Needy Girl" into a finely crafted piece of N-Funk.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

OMF(ood)G - Simply Delicious - Sweet Moments by Pillsbury

SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Sweet Moments by Pillsbury.

Ready to try something tasty? I am stepping outside the restaurant zone for this one. Some of the best things to eat you can buy at the store and heat in the microwave in 30 seconds. An example being Sweet Moments  by Pillsbury. OMG, this is a brownie with caramel on top and when heated for just 20 seconds is absolutely heavenly! Even better with a glass of cold milk. It is as good as anything you can get in a restaurant but cheaper, however it does still have the calories darn it. It comes in a box of 2.

L. Blizzard

Peder + Cours Lapin

Peder is know for releasing his debut album on american label Ubiquity and working with the likes of mo' wax, beastie boys, the prunes, ninja tune and dj krush. His music is complex but well balanced melange of soul fueled electronic and bespoke indie pop for the new decade.
His new album "Dirt & Gold" is both noisier and quieter, with many tempo, singers, and musicians and is influenced by Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Ray Charles etc. So you find surf guitar, hip-hop, french sounding film music, Draculaorgan, ghost pop, 1980s-Synth, and more on "Dirt & Gold. 

You are taken into a moviesque underworld of twisted French fairytales mixed with sexy finger clipping jive from the first minute. Cours Lapin consist of four Danish film composers Asger Baden, Peder, Jonas Struck and Louise Alenius and the mood of the album delivers on this: The album, Un, Deux, Trois  moves from the dark and sensual to naive and hopeful, reminiscent of the atmosphere found in the films of Tim Burton and David Lynch. One minute you are initiated into the mysterious intrigue surrounding a murder scene in the 1950s and the next minute you are following strange creatures on strings in a 20th century puppet theatre short before the sunburst.


Friday, December 3, 2010

deadmau5 - I Remember (DivKid 'Short Term Memory Loss' Remix)

It's quite obvious we're getting deadmau5 fever here at OMFGAtlanta. The new album hits stores on Tuesday 12/7. We have an awesome prize package we're giving away to one very lucky winner, stay tuned for details!!!


OMFG - Beer Review Series - Bell's Java Stout

Hey Oh! I am back everyone. Thank you for waiting patiently for the next brew review; I’ve got a lot cookin’ in the kitchen for the future and it’s worth the wait. Trust me, or don’t and see for yourself. Just to keep things interesting I am going to do the standard old review for today then sometime next week I should have a video review of Terrapin’s MooHoo with another review of a TBD brew with my buddy Chris. It’s going to be a tag team effort and should have additional special guests in the future if you like the review. Please comment below and let me know what you want to see and how I can make this a better experience.

With that being said lets pop some tops! I picked up the Bells Java Stout a few weeks back and am really excited to give it a whirl. I love beer as you all know, but what I really love is coffee stouts. This one is right up my alley. Per the website www.bellsbeer.com “Java Stout uses a custom blend of coffee beans, roasted locally for us by Water Street Coffee Joint, to generate its intense flavor.” I can attest this is a powerful brew that pours a bold black color with a mocha head that quickly dissipates to lace the glass with a fine ring.

The smell is of rich coffee and dark smoky malt very bold and sharp. Every time I took a sip I had to smell also, the aroma was amazing and intoxicating. Fabulous to say the least.
First sip hits the tongue with chocolate notes followed by smoky malts and coffee. It really is a one trick pony in taste but has an outstanding nose.

Mouthfeel is medum like a double brewed cup of coffee really creamy and full with medium carbonation. Very drinkable for 7.5% abv and not too boozy.  


Brass Bed - Melt White

Sunshine, sarcastic, and sullen, Brass Bed are a quartet of wide-eyed pop dreamers rifling through record bins and churning out recordings that double as rock and roll history lessons. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, their music elevates the unrestrained power pop of Big Star and the guitar heroics of Television with the 60’s pop revivalism of bands like Dukes of the Stratosphear and the Elephant 6 collective. Their songs speak with a voice that is both thoroughly modern and reverent of the past.

From this wealth of musical wisdom comes their new LP Melt White, presenting 11 sonic adventures. Recorded in Austin, TX with Danny Reisch at Cacophony Recorders and Good Danny’s studios, this album presents the potent live Brass Bed sound on tracks like “Pop Mission” and “Bums On The Radio” and studio playfulness of their home recordings on “Aria” and “God Save The Thieves”. Performances with the likes of The Walkmen, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Oakley Hall, Here We Go Magic, and Elf Power have established Brass Bed as a rising regional act with an unforgettable live show. Melt White drops on Park the Van Records in the Fall of 2010, melting faces and leaving a burning trail of psychedelic destruction in its path.


Debra Dolce - Goodies (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

A big room electro remix from Dirty Disco Youth, pick up the full quality track on beatport


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Generationals - Victim Of Trap




T.I. - No Mercy Tracklist

Originally titled 'King Uncaged', the re-titled album, No Mercy is out on December 7th. The third in a  trilogy that started with T.I. vs T.I.P., this album has obviously been a lot of work getting these artists together as well as working around T.I.'s legal problems. But Clifford says he's done learning his legal lessons and lets hope so, because he just keeps churning out awesome tracks.

1. Welcome to the World Featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi (Explicit Album Version)
2. How Life Changed Featuring Mitchelle’l and Scarface (Explicit Album Version)
3. Get Back Up Featuring Chris Brown (Explicit Album Version)
4. I Can’t Help It Featuring Rocko (Explicit Album Version)
5. That’s All She Wrote Featuring Eminem (Explicit Album Version)
6. No Mercy Featuring The-Dream (Explicit Album Version)
7. Big Picture (Explicit Album Version)
8. Strip Featuring Young Dro and Trey Songz (Explicit Album Version)
9. Salute (Explicit Album Version)
10. Amazing Featuring Pharrell (Explicit Album Version)
11. Everything On Me (Explicit Album Version)
12. Poppin Bottles Featuring Drake  (Explicit Album Version)
13. Lay Me Down feat. Rico Love (Explicit Album Version)
14. Castle Walls Featuring Christina Aguilera (Explicit Album Version)    


Saturday, November 27, 2010


"It's that time again.
The night where the normal rules don't apply.
The night where we return to the trenches."

Come out November 27th to the Graveyard Tavern for OMFG's favorite party: HEAVY!!!
It is the official Heroes & Villiains We Off That Mixtape Release!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sub Swara - Triggers

About a month ago we brought you the Sub Swara remix of Shutterbug. And about two weeks ago Sub Swara dropped their second album 'Triggers'. I did give you a widget to grab one of their tracks free after signing up on their email list, but now they've dropped us Bend You and Steam as 320kbps giveaway  tracks!

Sub Swara creates, constructs, produces and plays genrebending bass music that parallels the diversity of their home town of Brooklyn, NY. Consisting of Dhruva and Dave Sharma, Sub Swara's musical genome brings together a wide assortment of DNA - from dub to hip-hop, dancehall to punk rock, and all the global sounds in between. Sub Swara combines electronic production, live instrumentation, and 3000% of recommended energy levels to bring to life an inclusive, human experience that creates an inviting space for anyone and everyone.

Sub Swara's second album, Triggers (out on Low Motion Records), continues the group's exploration and blending of different spaces in bass music and draws from a completely unique sound pallete that marries both live (much of the percussion is actually played by the group in addition to other instruments by guest artists) and electronic elements. The aesthetic is not tied to any single genre. It traverses through dubstep, hip hop, and sounds yet to be classified, binding these elements together with a strong melodic center, dancefloor energy and inventive production.

The album features collaborations with Dead Prez Lyrics Born, Kendra Foster of Parliament Funkadelic and the up and coming hip hop act, Freddie Mills. The instrumental collaborations feature the afrobeat horns of Antibalas and a host of master session musicians from around the world.


Here's an extra treat, a 44min, 320kbps mix of tracks off the album mixed by Sub Swara

Triggers Mixtape Vol.1 - Sub Swara

Now go buy the album! = )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Culprit 1 - Theme 2 + Cluedo

Culprit 1 Cluedo. Enter now to win some amazing prizes.
Hello and welcome to Culprit Cluedo, a new competition from Exceptional Records to celebrate the release of Culprit 1's second album 'Theme 2' on 22nd Nov.
By the way, you can listen to tracks from the new album right here : http://soundcloud.com/exceptionalrecords/sets/culprit-1-theme-2-album-sampler
And preorder your copy from iTunes here :  
Start playing Culprit Cluedo now to be in with a chance of bagging yourself an exclusive, personalised signed copy of the album, 2 tickets for a Culprit 1 gig of your choice, a copy of Culp’s first album ‘Running In Order’ plus immortalisation* by being announced as the winner by James “Culprit 1” Hannam himself in a video message (which may or may not self-destruct) on Exceptional and Culprit 1 web pages.
Scattered across the Culprit 1 and Exceptional Records-related web pages are 10 x unique Culprit Cards. It’s your job to don your monocle, fake mustache and silly hat and go in search of them. Some will be easy to find, some may be a little more tricky, but don’t worry we’ll provide clues along the way on the Culprit 1 facebook wall. The competition runs until one of you collects all 10 cards and email them to us at jake@exceptionalrecords.co.uk using the subject line “I’ve only gone and won Culprit Cluedo!”) – the first to send all the cards in wins the lot. Anyone who collects 5 cards or more can email them in to claim their a free track download from the album by emailing them in.
Feel free to share/trade/swap cards with other followers on Culp’s facebook wall but be aware the more you give away the more likely someone else will win!
Here is a list of the cards, they’re numbered 1 to 10 so you can keep track of how you’re doing :
Example: Theme 2 Album 
Culprits: 01.Culprit 1 / 02.Polar Bear / 03.Smiler / 04.Iko
Weapons: 05.SM58 / 06.Keyboard / 07.Macbook / 08.Violin
Crime Scenes: 09.Cardiff / 10.Exceptional HQ
By entering the competition you are agreeing to our terms and conditions
Right, that’s it. Ready, steady… go!
You can watch James ‘Culprit 1 Hamman’ chatting about the making of the new album right here :