Friday, September 25, 2009

Audio Sensory Awakening Part 8

"Is Doc Miles gonna have to choke a bitch?" - BEST line from Crank 2 w/ Jason Statham, yes I highly recommend you catch it, out on DVD this week.

Right then, what's on the menu this time P.A.T.T.?? I'm so glad you asked!  Have you had enough Miike Snow? No? Good. I caught this one over @ bigstereo yesterday. Black & Blue was defnitely one of my fave tracks off the Miike Snow album and I was stoked to see another version. This remix is kinda tribal, kinda wobble... definitely a dancier version of the original. Overall, not a bad remix. Would definitely work well in the club, I guess I was just more a fan of the dreaminess of the original. Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) - Miike Snow

Last week I brought you that sweet Tuff Wheelz remix of "Paint The Town" (still diggin that track).  Well this week, the duo has brought you something a lil more bangin.  House legend, Armand Van Helden, has teamed up with Dizzee Rascal (this guy is working with everyone lately, check out his myspace and buy his new album 'Tongue n Cheek'!!) on a new track and Tuff Wheelz brings you the remix. Bonkers (Tuff Wheelz Edit) - Armand Van Helden & Dizzee Rascal

Here's one that I think Grav3y will LOVE! From up and coming rapper, Curren$y... come on, it's got Beck, and Dazed & Confused... you can't go wrong!!  Newer Pollution - Curren$y Find more info on Curren$y here.

Rawr! While I'm on a slight hip hop tip, I'll throw you guys a hottie. If you've never heard Dead Prez - Hip Hop...  well, either you need to open your mind and your record collection big time or you probably shouldn't own a computer because you obviously don't know how to use it. But yes, I digress. Here's an amped up wobble remix that will definitely rock the floor. Hip Hop (Nujax Remix) - Dead Prez

Hmm, it seems I stumbled onto a trend. Is Snap! getting back together? I mean, they haven't made it onto the U.S. charts since 1992, yet "Rhythm Is a Dancer" is back in a big way. I brought you the Mobin Master Bootleg remix last week and this week I've got two more!! The Mux Mool Edit is a slow burner, but I think it's my favorite right now. Then I also have another dance style remix from Andrew Friendly & Rokk Odyssey. Anyone working on "The Power" remixes?  Rhythm Is A Dancer (Mux Mool Edit) - Snap!  Rhythm Is A Dancer (Andrew Friendly & Rokk Odyssey Remix) - Snap!

I guess I do get hooked on retro remixes quite easily. But when I saw a new remix of "You Dropped A Bomb On Me", you know I had to get that schitt!! I love disco and funk. Love the old tracks and the new tracks. I used to think I should've been a 20 yr old during the 70s, but now I realize that I would be in my 50s now and headbanging in your 50s is probably not a good idea. This rework is brought to you by DJ Kue who also put out one of my fave tracks from earlier this year "Don't Get High" (Breakdown Remix).  Without further delay... You Dropped A Bomb On Me (DJ Kue Remix) - The Gap Band

Okay, now I thought "Embrace The Martian" was the hottest collaboration between Italian production team Crookers and Mr. I'm tearing up the charts/blogs, Kid CuDi. The original was pretty chill, but an awesome track to bump in the car. Well, Seiji (a London based producer who has been releasing tracks in several genres) has given us a dancey, acid remix so we can finally Embrace that Martian on the dancfloor! Embrace The Martian (Seiji Acid Remix) - Crookers ft. Kid CuDi

If you were a french house fan during the past decade or so, then like me, you probably remember Cassuis. I guess I really have to give credit to my long lost buddy Mugillicuty for turning me onto Cassuis with the 1999 release "1999" (Prince, eat your heart out).  Well, outside of "The Sound Of Violence" back in 2002, I haven't heard anything from thses guys since then. Now is the time my friends. They have delivered with a new release and the always hard hitting remixer, Don Diablo got a hold of it, YAY!  Here ya go:  Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes (Don Diablo Remix) - Cassuis

HOT N FRESH! Looks like the Melbourne indie electro rockers, Midnight Juggernauts are back together and stirring the pot. They've got a limited release single (only 500 copies, no repress!) with an exclusive B-side that you can pre-order now if you're not too late already!!  Here's the A-side which has already been with every other music blogger and now I just feel slutty for posting it, but it's good! This New Technology - Midnight Juggernauts

BNGR ALERT!  I really don't have to tell you much about this one. It's been rockin the drum n bass dancefloors for some time now, but Props! has brought it down a notch and left us with a tight electro mix, enjoy!  Rockit (Props! Edit) - Subfocus

Now, before I leave you for the weekend I wanted to share one last thing.  This is mainly for the DJs out there. Prepare yourselves. You may think you're rig is complete.... but you are very wrong. I imagine people who don't DJ will look at this thing and mistake it for military hardware or a N.A.S.A. control panel. Either way, it still makes me drool. Not available in stores... but you can find tons of promo videos on youtube with huge names like Laidback Luke, Eddie Halliwell, Roger Sanchez, Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buuren... hey where's James Zabiela?

-- P.A.T.T.

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  1. Holy Shit PATT, your posts are EPIC. Im proud you are with us.


  2. Fuck yes that cdj 2000 is sick biz. also that newer pollution choon is dope!