Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP vs. DivKid - We Speak No Americano (DivKid Wrote The Americano Language Remix)

A few months back I featured the original track, now DivKid delivers a much more dancefloor friendly remix.


OMFG 1 Year Anniversary Party TONIGHT @ Graveyard Tavern : Ployd + Mark Graves + P.A.T.T.

Can you believe it?! OMFG Atlanta is turning 1 and we want to celebrate it with YOU at The Graveyard Tavern TONIGHT! 
We are bringing in Ployd [Atlanta Dubstep] for your listening pleasure, and he is going to be slamming out some deep dubstep. So get ready to wobble to you drop!

Alongside Ployd will be the official OMFG DJ's:
...Mark Graves and P.A.T.T.
They will be playing everything from Crunk/Indie/Electro/Mashup and Beyond. 
Here's how the line-up for tonight is looking right now:

10 - 11: P.A.T.T. opens up with indie dance as well as  funk and disco infused indie and electro

11 - 12: Mark Graves rules the dancefloor with his signature blends of hip hop, pop, and indie mashups

12 - 1: P.A.T.T. + Mark Graves double team that table to bring the heavy... dubstep, drumstep, and drum & bass

1 - 2: Ployd (The Great Wise Beard of Atlanta Dubstep) is given free license to drop those dub beats the way you want it, heavy, wobbly, and sick
Your drink special for the evening is PURPLE DRANK. This is truly an ATL treat. If you have never had it before, Come get some ---- $5

Wanna get your hands on some of our Limited Edition Matchbooks and Condoms? Show up early because we will be handing some out at the door!

Photos by: Steffano Smore!

We look forward to making this a special evening at one of the hottest spots in ATL. See you there!

Thanks to all of you for making OMFG your source for entertainment news, new music, and events in Atlanta! Don't forget to vote for us as your Favorite local blog on Creative Loafing:


Friday, July 30, 2010

Creative Loafing - Best of Atlanta - OMFG Atlanta

Wanna show how much you love OMFG Atlanta? Not sure how to do it? Well, you can vote for us as best blog in Atlanta on the Creative Loafing Best Of Atlanta Survey!
Go For It!
You can vote here:
And while you are at it, vote for everything else you love in Atlanta!


Alex Metric vs. Beastie Boys - Sabotage 'Unofficial Video'


Shigeto - What We Held Onto

ARTIST: Shigeto
ALBUM TITLE: What We Held On To EP
LABEL: Ghostly International / Moodgadget
RELEASE DATE: Free giveaway on July 20, 2010
Artists take on pseudonyms for a multitude of reasons, but in Zach Saginaw’s case, those reasons run deeper than most. Zach records under the name Shigeto . It’s his middle name; it’s also his grandfather’s name, a tribute to the Japanese branch of Zach’s family tree. Shigeto also means “to grow bigger”—appropriate, given Zach’s premature birth-weight of less than a pound. Today, Shigeto stands for Zach’s vividly beautiful electronic music. Beat-driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto’s music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades.
Shigeto’s body of work has grown over the last few years to the tune of several EPs on Moodgadget as Shigeto and with A Setting Sun, a pair of EPs under the alias Frank Omura, and remixes for Shlohmo, Worst Friends, Praveen & Benoit, Tycho, Mux Mool, Charles Trees, A Setting Sun, Beautiful Bells, and more.
Both simpler and heavier than its predecessor and displaying a new blown-speaker intensity, Shigeto’s free What We Held On To EP builds a sonic bridge between his recent Semi-Circle EP and the upcoming Full Circle full-length. What We Held On To is the latest installment in Shigeto’s ongoing treatise on his family’s troubled history, as well as a free taste of what’s to come from the prolific Brooklyn producer.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OMFG - Yelawolf - The Next Big Thing

Hey Everyone! It's Mark!
How have you been? I know, I know, it's been a minute since you've heard from me, but you know we have been busy bringing you our super slammed out dance parties! I have dropped in today to present to you a rapper who has all of my attention as of late. His name is YELAWOLF and he is on the rise. He first got my attention with his video for Pop The Trunk:
Amazing, Right?!
I also found this great clip of him and DRAMA BEATS cooking up a song for DRAMA's new mixtape Young & Reckless coming out next month called Daddy's Lambo: 
Go Download Yeller's newest mixtape called Trunk Musik Here:

Thanks and Have Fun.

Loops Of Fury - Rules Don't Stop Me + 2 New Tracks


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pale Sketcher - Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

ARTIST: Pale Sketcher
ALBUM TITLE: Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed
LABEL: Ghostly International
FORMAT: CD/Limited LP/Digital
RELEASE DATE: August 24, 2010
01. Don’t Dream It (Mirage Mix)
02. Can I Go Now (Gone Version)
03. Wash It All Away (Cleansed Dub)
04. The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber Mix)
05. Tiny Universe (Interstellar)
06. Supple Hope (2009 Mix)
07. Dummy (Bahnhoff Version)
08. Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)
For fans of heavy music, Justin K. Broadrick is a household name. After stints in seminal UK grindcore band Napalm Death, industrial/metal outfit Godflesh, and dark dub duo Techno Animal (with Kevin Martin of The Bug / King Midas Sound), Broadrick re-emerged in 2002 as the leader of Jesu, a shoegaze-like metal project. Broadrick’s newest–and, to many purists, most controversial—venture is Pale Sketcher , in which the artist replaces guitars with synthesizers and drums with machines, but maintains his penchant for bleakly beautiful sounds.
Ghostly International is proud to release Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed, the debut full-length by Justin K. Broadrick's Pale Sketcher alias, on August 24th, 2010.
Pale Sketcher didn’t begin to manifest until the 2007 Jesu release Pale Sketches, which compiled an album’s-worth of tracks that didn’t quite fit the Jesu mold—skeletal, synthesizer-laced compositions that relied more on subtlety and atmosphere than guitar-based sturm und drang. Broadrick continued to tinker with these songs, “de-mixing” them until they barely resembled their originals, forging a sound that was unlike anything in the Broadrick universe.
Interestingly, as Broadrick has moved from more traditional signifiers of heaviness (aggression, guitars, volume) towards their opposites (melancholy, computers, texture) his music has only gotten deeper and more affecting. In that way, Pale Sketcher may be Broadrick’s heaviest work to date.

Bitrok - New Mashup + Mix

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Orkids, Kite To The Moon, efren, Strange Planet @ Lenny's Bar July 29th

The Orkids, Kite to the Moon, Efren, Strange Planet – July 29 at Lenny’s 
A night of electro-dance pop power, rowdy and over-the-top antics, complete with an ariel trapeze act, alongside magical and penetrating songwriting and complex, spacey rock comes to Lenny’s Bar on July 29, featuring The Orkids, Kite to the Moon, Efren, and Strange Planet.

The Orkids are an impressive electro-rock group with incredibly infectious dance tunes to keep you moving all night!  They sound like the best of Metric, the most danceable of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs with the energy-full beats of Phoenix. They recently played AthFest along with Kite to the Moon, who will be revving you up with their insane stage show, featuring trapeze aerialists, Tiger Girlz, and costume-clad band members, as they engage in their signature inventive, psychedelic pop.  Kite to the Moon use rock-n-roll as a tool for outrageous fun and it works!

Efren’s impeccable and moving melodies are sure to strike a chord somewhere deep within you. This talented songwriter might be juxtaposed to the high energy emissions from The Orkids and Kite to the Moon, but the band will surely make a fan out of you with their psychedelic, folk rock sound reminiscent of Bon Iver or Iron and Wine.  Finally, Strange Planet will kick things off with their blend of heavy, yet smooth spacey rock.  Strange Planet’s sound is equal parts The Flaming Lips and Black Sabbath, the result being mesmerizing arrangements of dreamy and layered rock.

Lenny’s Bar

486 Decatur St. Atlanta
21+, $6, Doors 8:30pm


Monday, July 26, 2010

The band that has been MIA for the past 2 years is back! Rufiooooooo.

Rufio is back!
Rufio stream the new song "Under 18" exclusively on Altpress. The song comes from the band's latest, Anybody Out There, which drops tomorrow July 27.

I'm very excited for this album, I've always been a huge fan since I first heard their
 album Perhaps I suppose...
We haven't heard anything from them in about 5 years and when I found this great new's out
today I was eccstatic!!! The album "Anbody out there" Is definatly a welcome return!
Not to mention it's kinda ironic that the Warped Tour is here in Atlanta today
and the Warped Tour is where I first got to meet these guys and hang out with them all day on their Tour Bus and backstage! Clark was a very sweet generous guy and just wanted us to have a good time, and that we did! Definatly a day I will never forget.
I wish much luck to Rufio, you guys look great!

(info, pic, credit and music link from


Chilly Gonzales - Never Stop (Rap Mix)


Sunday, July 25, 2010



Okay, if you like creamy chocolate and add some wonderful whipped cream topping,
you need to try WHOLE FOODS BAKEHOUSE chocolate silk pie!!!!! (OMG) Also,
their key lime, coconut cream and banana cream pies are heavenly. Of course if you have
visited one of their stores you know they have all kinds of desserts to choose from but if I
tasted them all I would gain 200 pounds in one review.

If you are entertaining or just want to indulge you can’t go wrong with their desserts.
(Leave one for me) Oh, in addition they have fantastic fruit trays if you must be good.

DJ Fame vs. Eric Sharp - Wiggle Room EP

Another big room release from Rock It Science Labs, "(think monster Slinky on Red Bull)". The orginal is definitely something for a more "in your face" banger kind of set while Andrew Phelan and George Cochrane's Strip mix spices it up a lil with another synth (they also did an even awesome-er 'Synth Mix'). The featured remix is Santiago and Bushido's heavy Chicago house dominator, available with the rest of the EP on beatport. But I've also got samples of a few below thanks to Rock It Science!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Santiago & Bushido - All That I Can Say


All that I can say is, these guys have re-ignited my love of good 'ol house. Check out their latest release, 'This Sounds' EP out last week!



One of OMFG's favorite parties is tonight *JULY 24th 
@ The Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta Village.
It is a night you DEF don't want to miss. Always Fun! Always Entertaining! 

This month's video:

Here are the bloopers from this month's video:

Friday, July 23, 2010

KDENCE to perform LIVE at FAMOUS PUB 7/24/10

Kdence supports OMFG Atlanta  and OMFG Atlanta supports Kdence!

July 24 at 11:00pm - July 25 at 3:00am
Famous Pub and Sports Palace

2947 North Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA

"Kdence will be headlining the Famous Pub & Sports Palace, Emory Welcome Back Party, July 24, 2010. The famous “House DJ” will be spinning all night and there will also be a performance by The Craigger White Band. This is sure to be a packed event so get there early. The Emory students usually start rolling in around midnight, but don’t worry we probably won’t even go on till about that time. Also, we will be performing live with our new keyboard player, Britton Possey. If you haven’t seen us with our complete band we have totally taken a new approach on our live performance. We no longer play with any back up tracks now that we have a complete band. Everything is 100% different so everyone will be in for a few surprises, such as our acoustic version of Area 51. If you have not been to one of our shows, or to Famous in a while this is a must see!!! We haven’t stumbled through Famous in at least 3 months, so it’s been a minute. Come join us for a Famous reunion and bring the whole gang. Let’s all catch up cuz in the end it’s not about just throwing Kdence in everyone’s face, it’s just an excuse to get back together with old friends and get a little bit crazy!!!"

Article written by: Jason Brown
~Steph Geezy~

BUSH Reunion!

Reunion has been extended for another year of touring.

"Los Angeles, CA, United States (AHN) - Gavin Rossdale hit L.A. radio station KROQ to announce that he’s reuniting with Bush for a brand new album and their first live show in eight years.
Bush will release “Everything Always Now,” their first album in nine years, this fall."

Read more:
Anthony Jones - AHN Entertainment Reporter

Mr. Magnetik - Animatronik

Animatronik - Mr. Magnetik from BUGS on Vimeo.

Low Life brings us Mr. Magnetik from Belgium. He's already had a couple of big releases over in Europe and now he's floated his newest EP over the Atlantic courtesy of Cocomachete. Very synth heavy electro. The video above is a short lil teaser for the title track off Animatronik. Grab yourself all three tracks below. High quality versions are available on beatport.

My Friend - Mr. Magnetik  ***my personal fave, darker, grittier


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guns N' Roses Members, Past and Present, Stay Busy

DETROIT (Billboard) - It's not hard to get a Guns N' Roses fix these days, whether from members past or present.

See what the boys are up to now.

Steph Geezy

Nursery of Naughtiness - Rock Back To The Punch

Here's one that I know my gamers will love. Many of you who've already been glued to Youtube and Blizzard for clips and screenshots of the new Starcraft 2 have probably already seen the video on the Machinima channel. The song in that video is 'Rock Back To The Punch' from Nursery Of Naughtiness. The band are from the UK and they bring a lot to the table: original production, a northern UK mc, a rock guitarist and female vocalist. Pick the single up on iTunes or Beatport.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foxes In Fiction - Ativan (Sing Leaf Remix)

It's stuff like this that makes me enjoy doing this blog so much. This is a remix of Foxes In Fiction's song, Ativan. This was sent to us from David Como of Toronto (aka Sing Leaf). He caught my post on Foxes last week and thought, "Hey, they might like this remix I did..." and sure enough he was right! Very nice work David! Please keep it up and keep OMFG in your mailings!

<a href="">Foxes in Fiction - 15 Ativan (Sing Leaf Remix) by Sing Leaf</a>

Pick up your own copy on Sing Leaf's site!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lohan taken into custody for jail term

"BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The handcuffs are on Lindsay Lohan as she begins her jail sentence for a probation violation."

See ya in 90 days LiLo!

Sander Van Doorn as Purple Haze - Hymn 2.0

There was a long period during my DJ self-schooling that I was really big into progressive. So when I get a quality prog track in the OMFG inbox... you know I've gotta share it with you. Luckily this track came out today on beatport, so go getchu some!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Burn The Negative - Smash & Grab (Keith & Superbeatz Remix)

Burn The Negative's second album is coming out on Gung Ho! Recordings and those cats have been kind enough to slide us the video for the first single as well as a freebie remix from up and coming electro producers Keith & Supabeatz!

Comes out 8/23/10


Friday, July 16, 2010

OMFG Dance Party Vol. 2

If you haven't heard already (in which case you should probably add us on facebook!), Mark, Steph, the rest of the OMFG crew and I are throwing our 2nd OMFG Dance Party at East Side Lounge in the East Atlanta Village. The first party was last month and it was absolutely off the chain! Expect to hear some of the hottest electro, dubstep, hip hop and mashups all night long. We are also bringing in a very special guest DJ, Jay Envy to rock the floor from 1am til 2am. Make sure to catch his East Side debut!

We've even got limited edition OMFG condoms (because we love you and we want you to be safe!) which will be given away at the door while supplies last, come get some!!  Not to mention, more special giveaways like OMFG matchbooks and shotglasses! Hrm... preparing you for a healthy night aren't we?!? Muahahaha.

Keep yours eyes open, Steffano Smore will be snapping pics starting at 10:30pm!  

Doors open at 8pm, DJs start at 10pm

10 - 11: Mark Graves
11 - 12: p.a.t.t.
12 - 1: Mark Graves + p.a.t.t.
1 - 2: Jay Envy
2 - 3: Mark Graves + p.a.t.t.


Disco to Dubstep

Now this is looking like a BAMF. If you don't know what a BAMF is... well good for you. Please continue to stay away from Dane Cook. Now back to the music. I am a huge fan of crossing genres. When I started out spinning vinyl I got into a lot of disco and vocal house tracks. However, today I'm droppin sick dub beats in the latest blow out sets I've been playing. So naturally the title of this release caught me right away. Just from listening to the sampler here... I'm a believer. Not to mention, sick artwork on this one, right? Ok, who do I give my money to? You? Right.

1 Plej - Borderline [Mock & Toof Remix]
2 Oblong - Playing On My Mind (feat. Adam Parker) [Maelstrom Vocal Mix]
3 Plej - Safe Place [Toby Tobias Dubbindelay Mix]
4 Butti 49 - Alan Accelerates [Fenomenon Mix]
5 Cloud - Innocence (feat. Lucien Etori) [Falconcrest Remix]
6 Ken Ishii - Awakening [Jimpster Remix]
7 Cloud - Turning [AlphaMotive Remix]
8 Blu Mar Ten - All Over Again (feat. Ernesto) [Tom Middleton Mix]
9 Superpumas - Hiph [Olav Basoski Urban Haze Remix]
10 Blu Mar Ten - Why Me Why Now [Cicada Mix]
11 The Rogue Element - Panic Attacks [King Roc Remix]
12 Nursery of Naughtiness - Electrified [The Rogue Element Remix]
13 Culprit 1 - No Need To Ask [Reso's Resurrection Mix]
14 The Rogue Element - Hive [Raffertie's S.W.A.R.M. Remix]
15 Culprit 1 - Screamer [Planas Mix]
16 Tubbs - New Way Of Life [Marlinspike Mix]


Thursday, July 15, 2010

SidAerial @ Wild Bill's (7/16/10)

photo from

Local act SidAerial performs at Wild Bill’s tomorrow night (7/16) with other Atlanta natives, Eleven Standing Still and Ultradrive. They have been touring through out the southeast performing songs off their 2009 EP “Look What I Found.” The band, Jonas Lagana (Vocals), Aaron Andrus (Guitar/Vocals), Duncan Niederer (Bass/Vocals), and WuD (Drums/Vocals), shares a love for creating music that embodies everything they believe in.

They are known for their live shows, and there’s so much musical talent in this band, you just have to see it in person. High energy, great harmonies, fantastic riffs & rhythms are all incorporate into SidAerials power-packed set.

You can buy their EP on iTunes or at the show TOMORROW NIGHT at Wild Bill’s (hint hint!). The EP includes great songs such as “The Way,” “Fall,” and “Another Number” just to name a few.

Doors tomorrow are at 8:00pm, and SidAerial opens, so GET THERE EARLY! Hope to see you there. Do yourself a favor and get this EP!  I hope to see your beautiful faces @ Wild Bill's!

Check out their music on:

For more details about tomorrow:

Solvent - Loss For Words Remix + Video

Solvent - "Loss For Words" from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

I hope you liked Solvent's original "Loss for Words" which I posted a lil while back. Now he's finally released a new video for the track as well as a new remix to wet your appetite.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vince Watson - A Very Different World

 "We have just made a new acquisition in the form of Vince Watson who is our third signing to the Hive. He joins Phil Kieran and Elite Force along with our growing roster of new talent like the Loops of Fury and many more. Vince has released on labels like Everysoul, Delsin, Bio, Fcom, Ibadan, Mule and Carl Craig's Planet E, his third release on Craigs label is coming soon. Vince has recently signed his major hit Mystical Rhythm to Urban Torque and has nearly completed his 6th Studio album which will be released late 2010/2011." (source:


Ghostly International Editions

Visual art has always played an indispensable counterpoint to Ghostly International's musical releases. With this in mind, we've introduced an exciting new addition to The Ghostly Store's repertoire of custom apparel and hand-picked, can't-live-without-'em goods: Ghostly International Editions. Our new art section will feature an ever-growing selection of open-edition and limited-edition prints from Ghostly's renowned family of visual artists, along with work from talented new collaborators.
This spring, The Ghostly Store made its first foray into this field with signed, limited-edition prints by longtime contributor Michael Cina. These archival prints feature artwork from Ghostly releases such as The Sight Below's Glider, the state-of-the-label compilation Horizon Line / Ghostly By Night, and Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble's Terry Riley: In C.
Looking forward to the months (and years) ahead, Ghostly International Editions will release prints in two perennial formats: the PDL and the Art Print. When the cover art for a new (or back-catalogue) release lends itself to the print format, we'll offer an open-edition PDL (print + download) version. Larger than a CD but smaller than an LP, these 10" x 10" archival prints will be sold with a digital download of the album.
In conjunction with the PDL, Ghostly International Editions will be releasing limited-edition art prints featuring original artwork from collaborators including Michael Cina, Andy Gilmore, Will Calcutt, and many more.
Both the PDL and Art Print are printed using archival ink on photo rag paper and will include artist signed certificates of authenticity. We've carefully considered the pricing for both formats: PDL will be an affordable $25, while the larger, limited-edition art prints will generally cost less than your monthly cellphone bill.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Retro Remixes

Hey guys, just thought I'd slap this up and share the 80s love. If you're an 80s pop lover and can't wait to hear different remixes of your favorite classics... check out Retro Remixes. Tons of good ol' 80s tracks to keep you sweatin!!


Night Of The Living Blog

The new compilation from Buzzard Gulch, Night Of The Living Blog, pits the dead against the living in a struggle for survival. The tracks, nightmarish stormers from up and coming producers, have been hand selected to represent best what’s bubbling just six feet underground. Chaos descends as just outside the fringes of the music industry hordes of relentless bloggers populate a modern soundscape with a raw music culture reanimated. Google tried to stop them, the ‘Industry’ has tried to stop them, but they keep coming back in a blood thirsty lust for new sounds. THEY WON’T STAY DEAD!   (source: Cocomachete)

Here are a couple tracks to check out, pick up the full release here


Monday, July 12, 2010

Deastro - Mind Altar

In the months after the early-2009 release of his space-rock opus Moondagger, Deastro ’s Randolph Chabot descended into a frenzy of writing, recording new song after new song and releasing some the tracks for free on his blog. Even then, his style was beginning to metamorphose—growing layers of murky atmospherics, sprouting fizzy textures and plumes of reverb’d distortion. Deastro’s Mind Altar EP (release format is digital download and/or a Mike Cina print which includes the digital download with purchase) isn't "the new face of Deastro," it’s merely one iteration of a constantly evolving entity. The Deastro on Mind Altar shouts up from a deep well of echo, achieving a level of sonic mystery and menace that’s quite new for the mercurial artist. The sky-scraping anthems are still there, although they’re now shrouded in clouds. Expect more from Deastro in the near future. (source: Ghostly Int)

01. Mind Altar
02. Genesis Weapon
03. Pastor Kid Redux Edition
04. Mowgli The Lynx
05. The Concept Of Land Ownership
06. Divali
07. Get Frostied
08. World Of Shadow
09. Shield Whip (Bonus Track)
10. Seven Fell From The Firmament (Bonus Track)
11. Orange Swimmer (Bonus Track)

Black Diamond Bay - Philharmonic Bubbles

Another gorgeous release from Black Diamond Bay. If you like, please check out more here.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Midnight Juggernauts - Tombstone (Elite Force vs. Dilemn ReVamp)


Ladies of Ghost Hunters @ Cypress St. Pint & Plate TONIGHT!

No plans for tonight? Come out to Cypress St. Pint & Plate at the corner of 6th & Cypress Street (9:00pm) to hang out with the ladies of Syfy's hit series "Ghost Hunters." 

photos from

Amy Bruni & Kris Williams are in Atlanta for some investigations and thought it would be fun to have a "tweetup" while in town to meet & hang out with fans.  They have combined 63,000+ followers on Twitter, so it will be fun to see how many people show up at tonight's event. Cypress Street better have all hands on deck!!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

OMFG - HUH-HUH, HUH-HUH Beavis & Butthead Set to RETURN??

"REVIEWniverse has exclusively learned from an anonymous source that Mike Judge is currently outlining 30 new episodes of his iconic animated comedy Beavis and Butt-Head for its native network...."

".....Even better news for fans is that, should this come to pass, Judge plans on retaining the show's original ghetto-tech aesthetic, right down to the faded color palatte. The source also reveals that theExtract director intends on keeping B and B's format identical to its original sketch-videos-sketch incarnation, but with more contemporary music clips for the cartoon slacker-duo to skewer."

Posted by: S (steph_your gossip grrrl)


This video should put a smile on your face.



Liz Phair? Is that you?

After a long hiatus, Liz is back. It’s been 5 YEARS since the release of her last album, but here she is. The preview song “Bollywood” from her new 11 song LP is way more “rap” than pop rock, but it still has that same witty “Liz” feel to it that her fans can appreciate. The new album released last week through her website ( is titled “Funstyle” and includes the tracks:

1. U Hate It
2. Smoke
3. Bollywood
4. You Should Know Me
5. Miss September
6. My My
7. Oh, Bangladesh
8. Bang! Bang!
9. Beat Is Up
10. And He Slayed Her
11. Satisfied

Check out “Bollywood”


I'm still undecided. It's growing on me though. Bring on the raunch, Liz!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foxes In Fiction - Swung From The Branches

Niether a fox nor fiction, Warren Hildebrand is the Toronto based musician behind Foxes In Fiction. Swung From The Branches is his full-length debut album. Infact, it was a self-released cassette until just last week when Moodgagdet reissued the album. Seeing that Warren, like many growing artists lately, is giving away most of his recordings for free... some people would think him unambitious. Personally I find it quite the opposite. While I haven't produced any original tracks in years (and doubt I'd share any of those anyway), the recordings I do have of my work I gladly give to anyone who wants to hear it. It's all about artist expression. Below I have 2 selections from Warren's album in 320kbps glory. Download/listen and enjoy. Then go pick up the other 20 tracks from Moodgagdet!


Happy Birthday Ringo Starr!

Let’s all wish a hearty “Happy birthday!” to Ringo Starr, who was born Richard Starkey exactly 70 years ago today. He asks fans around the world to say the words “Peace and Love” and flash a peace sign at 12 noon today in their respective time zones.

~Steph Geezy~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OMFG - Lohan Sentenced To Jail + Rehab

(pic by David McNew/Getty)

It's official. 
"Lindsay Lohan was just sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation in her DUI case, followed by a 90-day inpatient rehab program." ---

Check out for videos of this starlets fall.
Poor Li least you can take your ankle bracelet off now?? 

Posted by: S (steph_your gossip grrrl)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Adelitas Way @ Masquerade (Atlanta) - July 6, 2010

photo from

Las Vegas band Adelitas Way formed in 2005 and has been cranking out the hard rock tunes ever since. Lead singer Rick DeJesus puts his emotions and true situations into all the songs he writes. The band teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Plain White T's, 3 Doors Down) for their self-titled debut album. “Last Stand” was released by Virgin Records on July 14, 2009, and has been steadily drawing in new fans. The first two singles off the record “Invincible” and “Last Stand” have been getting radio airplay across the U.S. and establishing Adelitas Way as a household name.

Since February 2009, Adelitas Way has been touring constantly. They've opened for bands such as Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, and Puddle of Mudd. Currently, they are on tour with Halestorm and will be in ATLANTA TOMORROW NIGHT AT MASQUERADE! I had the pleasure of seeing Adelitas Way on Halloween last year, and it was a show I will never forget. The live show is even more intense than the CD. Their album hasn't left my car's CD player in several months!

Tickets for tomorrow's show are $13/adv, doors at 6:00pm. There are 4 bands on the line-up tomorrow night: New Medicine, Since October, Adelita's Way, Halestorm. DON'T MISS THIS SHOW! Check out the video below of their latest single.

See you rock stars tomorrow!!


Like old Hollywood fashion? Head out to Eastside Lounge this SATURDAY!

Do you like pretty ladies, hot fashion, and good drinks? Then you simply MUST come out to the Eastside Lounge this Saturday, 7/10! My fabulous lady friend Kristen of Bella Moda Productions is putting on this show for Rene Rene designs and Miss Jay Jay hats. It is definitely going to be a beautiful night at one of East Atlanta's hottest bars (the same one where we hosted our first dance party last month!)


Friday, July 2, 2010

Rockstars still do their own laundry!

Greetings lovelies!

So today was starting off as a pretty normal day. I woke up early to go do laundry at the local laundromat (the one in front of Buddy's on North Ave and North Highland, for you ATLiens.) I was expecting it to be the normal, boring laundromat trip of reading crappy tabloids and avoiding awkward conversations, but I got quite the shock to see a local celebrity walk in: Bill Kelliher, guitarist for metal band Mastadon!

Now I say local, since we metal lovers all know the Mastadon boys are from the A, but these guys have DEFINITELY blown up massively in the past couple of years: nominated for Grammys, Ozzfest, other massive national tours, they even did the music for the new film Jonah Hex.

I was, sir, are one of the hugest dudes in metal right now. And you are at Buddy's...doing coin laundry.

I kind of liked it. Keeps our celebs a little more down to earth :)

So, I guess my advice for you local celeb seekers, don't neglect the small places! You never know who might drop on in and wash their underwear!

~ Kate*