Sunday, August 30, 2009

OMF(ashion)G - Fantasy Factory Fashion

One of my favorite shows on MTV is Fantasy Factory:
Now two stars of the show, Chanel & Drama, have fashion lines out.

Chanel's line is called Valleywood.
It includes tees, v-necks, tanks, and hoodies.

Here is a video from a photo shoot she did:
You can also check out her music on her myspace page.
I recommend 'Ice Cream Paint Job Remix' & Mark digs 'Get Ya Drink On'.

Drama's clothing line is available @ Pac Sun & it is called Young & Reckless.
Check out this site for info on Five Four Denim who helped create the line:
They seem to have quite the celebrity following..pretty rad.
And also go to:

Fantasy Factory CLip :


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