Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caro's Summer Jewelry Collections!

Summer is in full swing at Caro's workshop!  Step outside summertime's in bloom!  Please take a look at Caro's sizzling summer jewels. Caro's FB page!

Found at:

Meringue (Morningside)
Terra Cotta (Savannah, GA)
Range Clothing Boutique (Buckhead)
Dakota J’s (Virginia Highlands)

Contact Gayle at:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

O(h!)MFG - Guy Fakes Being Famous
"The video opens with Cohen wandering around Times Square during the day in a T-shirt and gym shorts, looking like a regular Joe. 'My whole life, I've always wondered what it would be like to be famous,'  Cohen muses in a voiceover. He found out later after strolling out of Rockefeller Center with slicked-up tresses, faux-glam shades and a fresh tan, along with two bodyguards and several planted shutterbugs snapping away."
Source: NYDailyNews
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OMF(ilming)G - The Internship Filming at GA Tech

They are filming the movie 'The Internship' in a few different places on the GA Tech Campus in Atlanta! They have converted the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons into a fake Google office building. This is where Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn will be working as interns in the movie. They even turned the Starbucks inside into a Google Starbucks.

They are also filming outside on the campus green by that building as well. I got to watch Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn film a scene outside where they are riding on Google (primary colored) bikes.
They have also built this large rock garden outside by the Klaus Advanced Computing Building. I met Owen Wilson near this location last week. I was watching them film and ran into him by the restrooms!
 Here's a shot of Vince Vaughn on the set. Owen & Vince have been seen out at Miller Union, Smith's Olde Bar, Ecco, & The Optimist. Let us know if you have any sightings to report!
 Posted by: S (steph_yourgossipgrrrl)