Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matthew Dear - Little People (Black City)

I caught a sample of this track a couple weeks ago. Totally reminicent of Bowie in 'The Labrynth'. Matthew's voice is one of those lucky ones. His album Black City has been receiving lots of praise from press and fans. The first single from the album is Little People (Black City). Due out Sept 14th. Luckily for you, Ghostly International also sent us a copy to share. = )


Monday, August 30, 2010

OMFG - Paris Arrested Again

And the winner.....for the prettiest mugshot in history......goes to..............PARIS HILTON!
Way to go Paris, you have somehow added some glam to the art of taking mugshot photos.
Ladies, you can learn from this. Make sure before you get thrown in the slammer that you have your face, hair & outfit in tip-top shape! Lovez it. 

S (steph_gossipgrrrl)

Tricil - The Emancipation

Tricil - The Emancipation from BURNING HEAD on Vimeo.

"An attic is often a goldmine of forgotten treasures where rusty mechanisms and dusty broken dolls can come back to life with a story to tell. This is the concept Burning Head developed for the very talented Clear Notice artist, tricil.

Behold, our first full track and accompanying video for your delectation and delight. A truly inspired video to accompany tricil's superb track "The Emancipation". The video was directed by Franck Trebillac and Mark Broussely of Burning Head Studios and features broken doll ballerina, singer in the band Maleficent, model, performer and "artist living a maleficent life", Miss Maleficent Martini.

The Emancipation, along with eleven other audio-visual stunners, will feature on the Enter Calico iPad App, scheduled for release on 9th August." - ClearNotice.com



Sunday, August 29, 2010

OMF(ind of the Month)G - The Hope Store

For those of you who live near or sometimes visit the Alpharetta area, I've found a new store to go to for thrift-ing! At the corner of Old Alabama & Nesbit Ferry Rd, there is a small set of shops & restaurants. New to the mix is The Hope Store. 
Similar to Goodwill, you will have to spend some time digging through their selection to find your deal. All of the money made will go to charity. The BEST thing about The Hope Store is the location. It is one of the closest store that you can donate to near the Country Club of the South (which has been home to celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Usher) and other upscale neighborhoods. That's right; that means....Jackpot! The lady checking out in front of me had found a legit Coach bag in perfect condition for $3. So, next time you are OTP, stop by to see if you can find your steal. You can usually see signs on the side of the road leading you to the store. They say "Big Garage Sale This Way". 
Good luck & let me know what you are able to find!

9850 Nesbit Ferry Rd.

S (steph_gossip grrrl)

Aerosmith & Run DMC - Walk This Way (DivKid's 'Wank This Way' Bootleg Remix)


OMFG(lamorous) - Drew's New CoverGirl Ad

She's done it again! Drew has sold out the local stores of Covergirl's newest mascara, Lashblast Fusion. Drew Barrymore is probably one of the BEST picks to have advertising for them. 
After seeing her new commercial, I was sure to go buy the new product. But sadly, it was sold out! I mean, way to go Drew! But Covergirl......please restock soon. Here is the new ad: 
Also, I have to add, that if you are looking for another new mascara to try, Covergirl's Lashblast Length Mascara (the yellow one) is by far the best I have ever used. Try it out & let me know what you think! 
~S (steph--gossip grrrl)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Music Video)

Linkin Park, where do I start? First off, I want to say that I have a Love/Hate relationship with this band. I am by NO means a fan, but as a musician, I have a ton of respect for these guys. Everything they make, I mean EVERYTHING is pretty much perfection. Their tone is always on point, their drums & programming are always flawless, the arrangement of their songs is great, they are a perfectionists dream come true. Their new song kind of just swims in circles until it swells to a dramatic half tempo breakdown, but hey, I love it.


Audiolith Records Sampler

We've got a few new German artists for ya, straight outta Hamburg.  


Friday, August 27, 2010

Karbomb - Interview and E-Card


Smack The Force Up - Prodigy vs Elite Force



OMFG - Beer Review Series - Stone Brewing - Arrogant Bastard Ale

Stone Brewing of California began distribution to Atlanta in November of 2008; I am finally getting around to trying their beers so… SHAME ON ME. This review is the first of six stone beers that I will taste over the next few weeks along with what is new in Atlanta so, stay tuned!

Stone is highly regarded in the beer community as an amazing grassroots brewery and has a wide variety of craft beers styles to choose from. I recently came across a press release from Stone that reads: “Stone Brewing Co. is extremely excited to announce that due to growing success and international demand, the company is officially considering opening a brewery in Europe.” http://www.stonebrew.com/news/091222apr/index.html

This is exciting news for American Craft brewers; we are the laughing stock of Europe when it comes to beer because of our huge “macro swill” breweries the produce beer that looks and tastes like cat piss. Don’t get me wrong, I like cat piss every once and a while; nevertheless, if you request a Miller/Bud/Coors in Europe you will be instantly labeled as a D-bag. Hopefully, Stone can open a brewery in the mother country and dominate the locals with some tasty suds. This is a quote from Greg Koch @ Stone We look forward to joining in the fight in Europe by doing our part to add to the growing trend towards unique, flavorful artisanal beers, as opposed to the mass-blandification efforts characterized by megabrand sameness!” Amen brother!! Dominate away!

I recently tasted the Arrogant Bastard by Stone. The label reads: "This is an aggressive beer. You probably won't like it. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. We would suggest that you stick to safer and more familiar territory - maybe something with a multi-million dollar ad campaign aimed at convincing you it's made in a little brewery, or one that implies that their tasteless fizzy yellow beer will give you more sex appeal. Perhaps you think multi-million dollar ad campaigns make a beer taste better. Perhaps you're mouthing your words as you read this.” Do I need to continue? I love this beer before I even pop the top.

Arrogant Bastard Ale is an American Strong ale with an ABV of 7.2%. I poured the dark mahogany brew with a beautiful one inch cappuccino colored head into my Sam Adams Perfect Pint glass. I did not detect much on the nose. Maybe a very faint pine and grapefruit due to the Chinook hops used. These hops are mainly a bittering flavor and not much for fragrance.

The ABUSE: Upon first taste I get some malty caramel, raison and fig notes. Beautiful mouth feel: This brew is of medium body and smooth creaminess followed by an abusive carbonation, hop and bitterness ass kicking on the swallow. Did this beer just punch me in the face? I feel like I’ve been verbally abused at my kid’s piano recital by some punk ass teenager, or even crop dusted in an elevator for not talking to the person to my left. Just plain rude! As the beer warms it becomes more complex and the notes of caramel swirl; the other flavors play nicely and the beer begins to make more logical sense. It’s a love hate relationship. A relationship I want to be a part of.

This beer is named perfectly; I highly recommend it for the complexity it embodies. If you look at other American Strong Ales you may not find names of beers that you recognize. The American Strong Ale is an alcohol heavy version of the Pale ale. As we all know, Anchor Steam - Liberty, Terrapin - Rye, Oscar Blue - Dales Pale Ale, and Sam Adams dominate the craft scene with offerings from this category. Let me tell you, Arrogant Bastard stomps a mud hole in all of these beers. Take this as a warning! You may not be ready to drink something this complex and aggressive but your palette will thank you when it’s all over.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

OMFG Spotlight: DJ Troublemaker

If you've been following us... you've heard Troublemaker before. Infact, you've probably heard a lot more of Troublemaker than you know. Not because he uses multiple names for each new project he works on. Because he works like a machine! Plus you can download tons of his music for FREE from his site.

DJ Troublemaker aka Josh Kouzomis, is the L.A. native who's been rockin my speakers all year. I think the Mr. Hahn and Troublemaker remix of Lady Tigra's Bass On The Bottom may have been the first place I remember seeing his name. I recall seeing his remixes of several other artists, but it wasn't until recently that I realized just how much I liked Troublemaker. 

Turns out that Troublemaker is the man behind the beats on two of my favorite acts of this year... Rad Omen and King Fantastic. Of course if you do follow us then you should have seen me ranting about the pure awesomeness of Rad Omen already. King Fantastic was a more recent discovery which features Troublemaker on the beats and Killer Reese One on the vocals. I featured a lil King Fantastic for you here and here.

The man is even kool enough to drop us promos for his latest releases, personally! Here's the latest Troublemaker track in our inbox:

He's also released his own full length album The Maestro which you can listen to in full and purchase on that link. It's amazing. Just like his mixes, Troublemaker makes a living, breathing journey out of his album. The way any good DJ should. But thankfully for us, he has gone beyond that of a simple DJ. He's the Maestro. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jeuce - Sleeper

Muahahaha! Yes, that's exactly what I say when I see more Jeuce promos in the inbox! Their third single was released a couple of days ago and all you have to do to get your hands on the original is sign up on their website. There are several awesome artists on this remix package just like the last one, so mosey on over to beatport or iTunes and pick up your faves!


Miike Snow vs Passion Pit vs NAPT - Black and Blue

Yep, NAPT win again folks. Already burning up blogs everywhere, we could be taken to court for neglect for not sharing this with you...


p.s. New single 'Emotion' due out later this year

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pale Sketcher - Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed - Out Today!

"A little background, for the uninitiated: For fans of heavy music—and several of its variously punishing/ terrifying and sad/ethereal permutations—Justin K. Broadrick is a household name. Broadrick first appeared in 1985 as the guitarist in seminal UK grindcore band Napalm Death, and went on to found the similarly influential industrial/metal band Godflesh in 1988. Years after his genre-defining stint in Godflesh, Broadrick re-emerged in 2002 as the leader of Jesu, his current long-running metal project. In Jesu, Broadrick creates slow-moving, shoegaze-like walls of sound and explores melancholic lyrical themes. Broadrick’s newest—and, to many purists, most controversial—venture is Pale Sketcher, in which the artist strips his sound of anything even resembling conventional metal, replacing guitars with synthesizers and drums with machines, but maintaining his penchant for bleakly beautiful sounds.

As the first single released in advance of Jesu: Pale Sketches De-Mixed, Justin K. Broadrick's Ghostly debut as Pale Sketcher, "Can I Go Now (Gone Version)" is more than a fine introduction. The track contains everything Pale Sketcher does best: trash-compactor beats, gently swelling synth pads, and an air of beautiful, post-apocalyptic decay. Broadrick's vocals float above it all, vocoded and reverbed, lending a touch of humanity to the song's machine-aided melancholy. " Find this and much more heavenly music @ Ghostly International


Yannick Aellen - Dark Crooning EP

A very interesting lil electro-pop release here from Low Life Inc., with the promise of three more similar EPs to come.The track below is definitely the loudest, most electro one of this EP. But Yannick's voice does equally as well on the chill sound, just give the soundcloud sample a listen. Pick it up on iTunes.


Monday, August 23, 2010

OMFG Spotlight : Jantsen

 Thanks to an old friend and fellow music lover, we have been introduced to The Man Like, Jantsen. I've been rockin a couple of his tracks over the last week and if you crawl around his myspace or his soundcloud page there's more where these came from. Not to mention Jantsen was also recently featured on Bassnectar's latest EP release, check it here. Here's a lil taste of Jantsen....

p.s. Definitely check out familymoons.com!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

OMFG - Dance Party - Vol. 3

You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!

Its time for another OMFG Dance Party! Tonight at East Side Lounge. We encourage all to come ready to dance your ass off, bring friends and be aware that we are gonna rock you all night long! 
And tonight we got the All Star Line-Up back in action for you!
Mark Graves
DJ Pattycake
We wanna party with you!

Check out the video we made by clicking here:

Friday, August 20, 2010

P.A.T.T. presents Endless Summer Dance

A very special lil event brought to you by dj p.a.t.t.

Come celebrate Grav3y's birthday!!

Expect only the best in Atlanta talent for this special event hosted by Lenny's Bar. Electro - Dubstep - Indie

10 - 11pm DJ P.A.T.T. [OMFGAtlanta.com]
11 - 12pm Grav3y
12p - 1am DJ Organik [Ozone Media]
1am - 2am TBA

21+ $5


OMFG - Beer Review Series - Terrapin Hopzilla

This week Terrapin of Athens Georgia has released their newest side project 12 – Hopzilla. Many of us have tried beers from Terp, but this is a MUST try. Like all of the other side projects, Hopzilla comes packaged in a deuce-deuce bomber and should be poured into some glassware, or just keep it gangster and rock it in a paper bag. Either way, I suggest a wine glass or brandy snifter for the following reasons:            
  •       As soon as the beer hits the glass, its color, aroma and taste is altered. You can see what is going on, and your anticipation is tweaked. Hidden nuances, become more pronounced, colors shimmer, and the enjoyment of the beer simply becomes a better, more complete, experience. To me, it’s like top chef: when the plates look so nice on TV you KNOW that food is going to taste amazing. 
  •        Head is good! The shape of the glassware (snifter or wine glass) has a curvature and allows the foam to collect perfectly at the top of the glass and acts as a net for parts of the brew that tend to escape during the pour… aromas, such as hop oils , fruity esters, spices or other additions. The brewers have designed these “high end” beers to retain this flavor so enjoy it. You are cheating yourself if you don’t.

Ok, so I’m not going to lecture anymore, I swear! I picked this bottle up at my local craft brew bottle shop: Olde Crabapple Bottle Shop for 6 bucks. Yes, the price is sporty but this brew is 10.80% alcohol by volume; our hometown favorite, PBR, is 4.74% ABV. You would need to drink nearly 5 PBRs to match the alcohol in a 22oz Hopzilla. Fasten your seatbelts folks these suds are not for the faint of heart. 
This beer pours a light golden color with slight copper hues that highlight around the edges. One finger white head leaves nice thick ring around the glass to hold in flavor.

Smells like a hop bomb-- let's see how close they came: A light malt sweetness leads the way, but as it crosses my tongue the hops jump out and attack. The suds give way to a huge spike of lemon, pineapple and citrus notes to stomp the palette into submission. Flavor is as hoppy as a bullfrog on angel dust, and is what I expect from a double IPA. Nice bitterness. It mingles with the other flavors and shows a little warmth after the finish.

The lemony buttery bitterness lingers on the finish. This is a solid DIPA- it hits all the right notes. Terrapin has developed a very respectable beer here.


Ear to the street: Terrapin’s next side project (13) will be called, “So Fresh and So Green, Green,” to pay homage to our boys Outkast. The release party will be around October-November for this brew. It’s a pipe dream but we may even see a pre-release cask at the third annual Atlanta Hotoberfest. http://www.hotoberfest.net/ 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HEAVY's newest video

Check out the newest video from the HEAVY guys:

Down & Durty VS Heavy from Oh Snap Kid on Vimeo.

OM(usic)FG - KingBilly

Picture from myspace.com/kingbilly

There aren’t many weekends when I don’t have something to do, but last Friday, the roommate and I were in need of some entertainment. We wound up at Peachtree Tavern and discovered this amazing band from Nashville. It’s rare that I find a band that catches my attention so quickly, but with KingBilly, I was hooked from the first song and was very excited to write about them. We liked them SO much that we took a road trip the next day to see them in Panama City Beach, FL to see them perform at an American Cancer Society benefit. KingBilly is one of those bands you hear and just can’t figure out why they’re not a huge act yet. Everyone needs to be friends with KingBilly.

The band is made up of 5 ridiculously talented musicians who perform a unique blend of country, bluegrass, and rock with harmonies you wouldn’t believe. Donny, Josh, John, Kevin, and Matt put on a live show so energetic and spontaneous you won’t want it to end. Their set includes most of their originals and random cover songs ranging from Sublime to Tom Petty. Have a request? If they don’t know it, they’ll attempt to play it. It’s all about the fans, right? For any given song, you’re not sure who will be singing and who will be playing what instrument, but all the songs have the same great energy.

KingBilly’s band members bring influences from all over the US (North Dakota, Maryland, Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia) to create a sound that represents their love of music. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of their 5 song EP “Surrender,” and it has not left my cd player since (ok, so except for one time when I listened to my Keith Urban cd).

Track 1, “When She Breaks Down,” starts off with the bands’ amazing harmonies, and gets you craving more just in the first 10 seconds. If you’re not moving your head or tapping your feet to this song, you need to get your hearing checked. Track 2, “Surrender,” is their incredible radio ready tune that was created with the help of Richard Marx, yes THAT Richard Marx. We had this song stuck in our head all weekend. Tracks 3 and 5, the ballads “Savannah’s not in Georgia Anymore” and “Angel on my Shoulder,” really showcase lead singer Donny’s great, effortless voice. Track 4, “I Wanna Come Back as Her Beer,” is now my new going out anthem with lyrics like “I haven’t had a drop, but I’m catching me a buzz. Never seen a woman treat a bottle that way, it’s like she’s making love” that make me want to get up and dance.

KingBilly performing “Surrender” to packed house at 12th and Porter

Check them out on Facebook, Myspace, or their official site http://www.kingbilly.com/

Their EP Waiting on You is available on iTunes. GO listen!

Slideshow from Peachtree Tavern & Panama City Beach


Kaws and Dos Equis

Artist Kaws has teamed up with Dos Equis to design a bottle for both the Lager and the Amber. Slated for release in September. No word yet on if this will be available in U.S.A.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miami Horror - Illumination (New Album Out 8/20)

 Visit Miami Horror's site for the Live UStream of the new album!
Pre-Order Illumination NOW!


Sneak Peak at the New Gossip Girl Collection!

"The secret’s out! New Gossip Girl-inspired colors are coming to nails near you. Here’s a look at four of the scandalous new colors. From left to right, you’ve got Too Rich for You Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle; Party in the Penthouse and Nicole…Spotted!"

"This buzz worthy, limited-edition line is currently only available in select Targets, so avoid the drama and pick these gems up now!"
Soon to be available at other places, such as Ulta & Walgreens after August.

Go to http://www.nicolebyopi.com/ for more info and fun nail polishes! OPI is definatly my fav nail polish, they always have something new and keep up with all the latest trends. I can't wait to get my hands on the "Party in the Penthouse" color, so pretty for fall!

(all info from cosmo and http://www.nicolebyopi.com/)

Kat Von D Confirms Relationship With Jesse James!!

"Although they've been spotted getting cozy in Sin City, Kat von D and Jesse James have yet to go public - until now!

"And yes, Jesse and I are dating," Tweeted Kat."

~Steph Geezy~
Quoted source: Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/#ixzz0wykRJDVY

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alex Metric - DJ Mix August 2010

  Alex Metric: DJ Mix - Aug 2010 by alexmetric
Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset Pt1
Unknown acapella
Mystery Jets - Dreaming of another world (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas remix)
Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back To You
Tracey Thorn - Why (Morgan Geist remix)
Kele - Everything You Wanted (Punks Jump Up Dub)
Orbital - Nothing Left (LRD Remix)
Joe & Will Ask - Rainbow Trout
Evil Nine - Stay Up All Night
Chem Bros - Swoon (Boys Noize remix)
Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix)
Congorock - Babylon (Steve Angello Edit)
Bart B More - Brap
Disco Of Doom - Sex Face
Alex Metric - L.O.V.E.
Jamaica - I Think I Like U 2 (TW & R72 Remix)
Alex Metric & Steve Angello - Open Your Eyes
Alex Metric - Golden
Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset Pt 2
Groove Armada - Shameless


Nirvana’s Teen Spirit Nears Twenty Today!

"It feel as fresh today as it did on release back in 1991, so it’s almost impossible to believe that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is really nineteen years old. This time in ’91 Nirvana were huddled in a studio filming the video, which would end in a restless audience trashing the set in frustration."

~Steph Geezy~
Quoted from Last.FM

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rad Omen - Rad Anthem (HnD Remix)

I have failed you. 

I just realized that I have never posted this video for OMFG (although I swore I had)... I must correct this now. Introducing The Most Bad Ass Music Video you have ever seen... (not to mention one of the funniest things I've ever seen Nick Swardson in)

RAD OMEN - "Rad Anthem" from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

And to make this ever hotter, our buddies HavocNdeeD have dropped this super airy, but equally as epic dubstep mix... 


You have been indoctrinated.
Keep your eyes on Rad Omen for the release of the Search Party and Destroy album on August 31st


Saturday, August 14, 2010

OMF(ood)G - SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Outlaws Woodfire Steak & Seafood

SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Outlaws Woodfire Steak & Seafood
For this food review I went south of the perimeter to McDonough, Georgia. If you plan
on going to the raceway in Hampton on Labor Day weekend you might want to try this
restaurant out. It is truly good! OUTLAWS WOOD FIRE STEAK AND SEAFOOD
is located at 1120 Hwy. 20-81 West, McDonough, Georgia, just off of I-75 south.

The steaks are superb and have the wood fire taste like grilling outdoors! The seafood
(Lobster is my favorite) is just as tasty. Let’s not forget the fun part though, the Lonely
Rider Appetizers. They have fried green tomatoes that are really some of the best I have
had and fried pickles, mozzarella cheese sticks, oysters rockefeller, onion petals, spinach
& artichoke dip and the list goes one. I have actually tried most of these and loved every
one I have tasted. They also have salads, soups and hamburgers and lots of sides to
choose from. I really like this place and I have never left hungry.


Click HERE for a link to their Facebook page.

Two Part Jeuce Mix + Mr. Fogg - Stungg (Jeuce Rework) + BONUS!

And here is the Jeuce Joyriders rework of that Mr. Fogg track you've prob heard...
Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Oh and the added BONUS..

I swear these Jeuce boys can't go wrong....

Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix) Video


Friday, August 13, 2010

Straight Out of Line & Motley Crude at Vinyl - 8/14

Come out Saturday night for some of the most entertaining/awesome music you'll hear all weekend!  Project 9-6-1 presents "Under the Covers with Aly" presents you with 2 great cover bands from Atlanta.  Straight Out of Line is a face melting Godsmack tribute band that is ready to rock all your favorite Godsmack songs. Motley Crude is a homegrown Motley Crue tribute band that goes all out to bring the true GRIT of the songs. Dressed in Motley attire, Vince Nailed, Mick Muffs, Nicky Sexx, and Tommy Laid are definitely a show worth seeing.

So bring out your 80's - 90's attire, and come ROCK OUT! Doors @ 8:00, 18+ - $12 to get you in. Come have a beer with me.  SEE YOU THERE!


National Left Hander's Day!

"National Left Hander's Day is celebrated every year on August 13. This holiday was started by Lefthanders International and was first observed in 1976. National Left Hander's day is meant to promote awareness of the inconveniences facing left handers in a predominantly right-handed world."

1. Left Hander's Day was started in August 13 1976 by Left handers International.

2. About 7 percent of the population is left handed.

3. Lefties are also called "southpaws".

4. In twins, there is a high tendency for one to be left-handed.

5. 1 in 4 Apollo astronauts were left-handed.

6. 4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh computer were left-handed.

7. Left-handers usually reach puberty 4 to 5 months after right-handers.

8. George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are all left handed. Ronald Regan was left handed too.

9. Pablo Picasso, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Di Vinci, and Michelangelo were also left handed.

10. Right handed people use the left side of their brains. Left handed people use the right sides of their brains.

11. Left handers tend to adjust quickly to seeing underwater.

12. Right handers tend to chew food on the right side, left handers tend to chew on the left side.

13. Albert Einstein was left handed.
14. Left handed people who have higher I.Q.s tend to have an I.Q. of over 140.

15. In some cultures it is impolite to touch your food with your left hand.

~Fellow Lefty, Steph Geezy~

Lance Herbstrong

You’d have to be high not to figure out where Lance Herbstrong came up with that moniker.
The Austin residents may be inspired by the worlds most famous bicyclist, but their fame is building on the strength of their own remixes, like Federico Aubele’s Luna y Sol, Ancient Astronauts’ I Came Running and even Canned Heat’s On the Road Again. From electro to dubstep to drum-and-bass and electronica, Herbstrong’s mixes are as inventive as their name.  Recently posted remixes of iconic old reggae tracks have just been added to their growing body of work. Originally started as a studio project, Lance Herbstrong are now performing live. They just played at Lollapalooza last Saturday!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

TWR72 - Tunnel + Schizophrenia

TWR72 (aka The Walk & Roger Seventy Two) recently dropped this huge building monster of a track and our friends at LowLife were super kool enough to send us a copy. Ya, when I say build... I mean build. It's all build. But not in a Josh Wink minimal sorta way.... in more of a OMFG when does it end?! sorta way. It's huge, in your face. Out now on Instant Replay.


OM(usic)FG - The Dreaded Marco

picture from band's facebook page

With the upcoming release of their EP “Metrognome,” The Dreaded Marco is ready to take Atlanta by storm! You might not recognize the band name, but they’re definitely no stranger to Atlanta’s music scene. Seven years ago Charlie Sheets and Dixie Duncan were part of Echovalve (Charlie as lead singer, Dixie on bass), but even after leaving that venture they’ve kept in touch and remained active in music with solo music and playing regular gigs.

Years later, the two brainstormed the idea to start a new band, and 5 weeks later they’re in the recording studio creating something different from anything they’ve ever done. Since it was so spur of the moment, they had to bring their ideas to the table to write songs quickly and ended up with a great, unique sound without over-thinking any of their choices. It’s just what came to mind, what sounded right. They don’t put The Dreaded Marco in any specific genre, so they’re able to appeal to a wide range of listeners. Some of their influences include: Nine Inch Nails, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, and Coheed and Cambria.

They created “Marco” as a character, and made up a back story to go along with him to help write the lyrics. With each different feel of a song, they would try to think of what “Marco” would have to say about it. Front man Charlie Sheets describes the song “Frank N Stein” as being a “sympathy piece for Frank N Stein’s monster.” He says “I mean imagine your mind waking up in some hodge podge monster body after you’d died…everyone you know and love is appalled by you because you’re an atrocity…. Hell, I’d burn the f**kin city down, too!"

Having a lot of freedom on this EP helped them realize just what they liked about music, playing for fun, but also being original. You can hear their personalities coming through on all the tracks, and they’ve all definitely got a great danceable beat. With catchy lyrics and beats in each song, The Dreaded Marco keeps you craving the next song. Charlie says that the “swing” in his writing is what’s most important. He wants to create danceable music with a great beat so you’re moving along to all the songs, even the heavier music.

The first track “Strikes Again” off the EP is available now on YouTube, and the rest of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED EP will be available 8.25.10 on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com and Napster. **They’re playing at Lenny’s on Friday, September 24th.** Get your rock fists ready!

“Like” them on facebook and stay up to date with the latest news, tour, and everything DREADED MARCO!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

King Britt - Intentions

This a great video teaser for the new release. Being a John Cassavetes fan, King chose to re-edit a scene from the movie Faces. A very moving scene.
Directed by John Cassavetes
Re-Edited by King Britt
Scored by King Britt

"Saturn Never Sleeps presents Intentions, the first in the SNS Ambient series. The making of Intentions was an important step in my creative process. The beauty of learning has never been so much fun. Pushing myself more into the experimental/ambient realm, Intentions is the first of many soundtracks!"  - King Britt

Perfect Place - King Britt


Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Who loves Italian food??? I know Stephanie does! Today Stefanie and I loved the
Italian food at Baraonda Caffe Italiano located at 710 Peachtree St., NE, Atlanta.
Stephanie had their tasty lasagna and I had Penne Salsiccia (sausage, onion, mushrooms,
cream sauce over penne pasta) that was really good!

They have wonderful pizza and salads and their deep fried calamari is some of the best I
have had!! It will not be a wasted trip if you like Italian.


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Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) Video

Bassnectar - Bass Head (King Fantastic Remix) from King Fantastic on Vimeo.


Dirty Noise - Style-a-holic Mixtape

00- Intro (the D, the I, the R, the T, Y, the N, the O, the I, The S, E)
01- Don Rimini - Whatever (Original Mix)
02- Paul Ahi - South Beach (Fukkk Offf Remix)
03- The Squatters - Monster (Original mix)
04- MC Gi & Dirty Noise - Quer Romance (Remix Preview)
05- Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Bart B-More Remix)
06- Gtronic - Sucker Punch (Original Mix)
07- Lazersonic & Zak Frost - Levels (Shadow Dancer Remix)
08- Evil Nine - No Manners (Dannoso Remix)
09- Polen - Drop The Line (Original Mix)
10- Kavinsky - Nightcall (St. Beethoven Remix)
11- Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile
12- Kele - Tenderoni (Jungle Fiction remix)
13- Boys Noize - Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Remix)
14- Green Velvet - Harmageddon (Felix Cartal Remix)
15- Bart B More - Brap (Original Mix)
16- Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns (Oui! Remix)
17- DJ Antention - Ram
18- Exceed - Exceed's RSR Anthem (Crizzly Remix)
19- Sickboy - Energy Blast (Tom Deluxx Remix)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Christopher Willits - Tiger Flower Circle Sun (Out Now!)

Ghostly offers up another single with the release of Tiger Flower Circle Sun.


Bonn Lewis - Remote

Ah, something always there to remind me... 

For years I spun a lot of progressive house, strictly vinyl and highly influenced by my Global Underground collection among others. This release definitely took me back there for a few minutes. I highly recommend checking out the UruMusicArt Remix. Sweet airy atmosphere and a sweet tacky synth piano make some of the best prog house in my book. Grab the full EP here for FREE thanks to Filthbox!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pitch Twit - Oink

Tom Sidebottom aka Pitch Twit at it again with his 5th release on his Sic Outfit label. A very quirky tune, be sure to listen to this one all the way through before you cast your verdict. It's definitely got an awesome breakbeat throughout, however while it starts out with a pretty gritty electro synth it easily drops into something with a little jazz funk to it. As Tom said, "this track sounds like something Mr. Oizo and Timo Maas might make if they collaborated." A pretty awesome promotional comment if you ask me.


GUTTERMOUTH with:KarbomB, The New Threat, and Kid Niki

In just a couple hours... our buddy/co-contributor Rory and his band, KarbomB will be playing at the Masquerade for a bad ass punk rock show! 

"Old School punx, GUTTERMOUTH with Local Athens Boys, KARBOMB, Atlanta's Kid Niki, and The New Threat(on tour with Guttermouth), please show some support! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Friday, August 6, 2010



Let’s talk about the restaurant “Steel” located on West Peachtree and Peachtree Place in
Atlanta. I had a great lunch today with a Bento Box consisting of California roll, Korean
Beef (slices of beef marinated in Korean spices with house made kim chee), fried rice,
salad with their house dressing (yummy) and egg roll. I seriously needed assistance to
walk out of the place I was so full. It was “simply delicious!!!” I have also experienced
in a previous visit the Spicy Shrimp Noodle Bowl (also available with rice) and it will
light your fire and it is wonderful!!! You better like spicy for this dish! In addition
another dish I have tried was the scallops in the bento box and it is just as yummy and has
all the trimmings as the bento box above. The atmosphere here is wonderful and the food
is always great. Edemame and calamari are two of the apetitizers offered and both are
very good. What more can I say, I have been several times and it is because it is worth
going back.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010





OMF(ilm)G - Going The Distance Preview

New Drew! 
You know your OMFG resident Gossip Grrrl has a love for Drew Barrymore! 
So, here is the trailer for her new movie! 
Drew Barrymore + Justin Long
Posted by: S (steph_gossip grrrl)