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OMF(ashion)G -

I am here to tell you about this awesome t-shirt site that my friend Chiarita told me about. It is

They do some 10 $ T-shirt sales and they also sell art work on the site.

You can go to the participate section of the web page to vote on
t-shirt designs.

Some of these tees are pretty rad. Check it out sometime.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Audio Sensory Awakening Part 3

Back once again...

While most of the world has now moved on, as a DJ, you cannot give enough respect to Michael Jackson. The man has rocked more dancefloors than you can fathom. Billy Jean has without a doubt been my 'goto' MJ track for years with tons of remixes to choose from. However, since Michael's passing, I've come across lots of good remixes of other highly requested MJ tracks. For example... this remix totally kicks the crap outta that Hi-Tack remix that blew up a few years ago: Michael Jackson -'Say Say Say' (DJ DLG & Redroche Mainroom Mix) But if you like that, I suggest you goto Beatport and check out the new remix of 'Thriller' by David Jones. Not a banger remix, but one of the best remixes I've heard. They definitely loved it @ SkyLounge last week!

The invasion is coming and it is led by ROBOTS!!! Well, the invasion I refer to is Robbed by Robots taking over my playlist lately. I came across Robbed by Robots back in March when they released an EP of rowdy electro bangers like 'Spanish Girls Want To Give It Up' and 'DUDE!'. Seems they have curbed the rowdyness a little bit and given thier latest remix a bit more of an indie-dance sound. Check out Dragonette - 'I Get Around' (Robbed By Robots Remix)

Here's one that should make some of us fall into a dark, pulsating, "when will it stop?!?" drug infulenced flashback. Brainbug's 'Nightmare' was a track that I could not get enough of back in the days when I thought progressive was trance. I'm so glad I figured that one out eventually. Anywho, when I saw that track being re-released with a new remix I had to check it out. Lots of dubstep drops in this one and an overall heavy electro rework. Of course, my favorite little chime line is still there! Brainbug - Nightmare (Darkartois Remix)

HOT DAMN! Thats the name, bringin back the old skool is the game. I spent a year sacrificing my musical taste for the chance to live on a cruise ship while enjoying all the free grub and booze I could get my hands on. Yes, I was a cruise ship DJ. Not something I'm entirely proud of, but at least I had access to tons of old skool tunes they had in their library. One of the gems I found while skimming through thousands of promo CDs was The Beatnuts - 'Watch Out Now'. Finding this song was a godsent for me. Finally a hip hop track that I could throw down in the middle of all the other top 40 crap and actually bob my head for a few minutes. Now, this remix by HOT DAMN is NOTHING like the original, but it still makes me smile. The Beatnuts - 'Watch Out Now' (HOT DAMN Remix)

Disco Elliot?!? I was pleasantly surprised with this new remix from the always disco king Justin Faust. He's taken Missy Elliot's 'Work It' and given it another hoorah! I've never been a big Elliot fan, but I can definitely groove to this one. Missy Elliot - 'Work It' (Justin Faust Remix)

It is a huge pleasure for me to present anyone, but especially you guys, with this incredible song: Fink - 'Sort Of Revolution' (Cinematic Orchestra Remix) My friend Nikki (who just recently became Master Nikki, WHOOT!) has mentioned Fink to me many times and now I finally know why. Unlike most people, Nicki recognized my love for truly moving, simple, beautiful vocal tracks. Now that I finally realze what she was trying to show me, I need to go give her a big hug. Thanks Nicki!!

-- P.A.T.T.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OMF(ashion)G - Fall 2009

TOP 10 Things to Look Forward to This Fall!

1. Boots (always sexy)
2. Jewel Tones
3. Leggings
4. Spiked/Studded Belts & Accessories (think punk-ish)
5. Hoodies
6. Headbands/Hats (easy way to accessorize)
7. Color (Fall Fashion week '09 had lots of COLOR, hot pinks & bright blue)
8. Dark Nail Colors (best time to paint your nails, try dark purple)
9. Scarves (think crazy patterns like hounds tooth)
10. Mini skirts (try a wool one!)

&& I just loved this for some reason:


Break the Bubble!

I was reading my US Weekly Magazine and saw an ad for Three Olives Bubble Vodka. It is Bubble Gum flavored Vodka. I’m not sure about my feelings for this combination. I like my Vodka…and I have been known to chew a lot of Bubble Gum. I mean, could this be a combo of my two favorite things? Guess I will have to pick up a bottle. I want to know if anyone has tried it. The website has some cocktail recipes for the Bubble Vodka that look rather delicious. There is a recipe called “Bubble Bath” that calls for Bubble Vodka and Champagne. I think I will be trying that one. Some of you might not know but Kim Kardashian (pictured left) doesn't drink so I couldn't ask her what it tastes like. I’ll be sure to inform my result on this experiment in the next blog. Cheers!

~Steph Geezy~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miike Snow - Burial

Miike Snow Pictures, Images and Photos


This video is great! I was really pleased with it. My favorite thing about this video is that is so reflective. Like any piece of true art, you only see what you want to see. I encourage you to watch this video. Its happy/sad/curious/whatever you want it to be!

Miike Snow - Burial from slowtumb on Vimeo.

"dont forget to cry at your own burial"

Download Burial by Miike Snow Here:
Miike Snow - Burial



What is WOOT?


Hey everyone! Most of you might already know about this website & blog, but I wanted to share with those who might have not know real quick. These websites become pretty addictive to go look at on a daily basis!! I always find myself wanting to know what the Woot of the day is.

What is woot you ask?? is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap. They basically have one item on sale until it runs out for the one day only! Literally after 11:59 you may no longer purchase it. It's really fun to see all the cool new stuff they have!

Also there is a shirt.woot!

today's shirt is Double Crossed

Most the shirts run about $10.00, and are funny shirts you might not find anywhere else, it's always fun to see the shirt of the day! I'm waiting til I find one I just have to have!!

And lastly, there is also a wine.woot!

So every week, will uncork a sweet new wine deal for you. Due to excess and over stocking at wine manufacturers. Which is fine by us right!?

Go check these sites out, it really is amusing!



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Friday, July 24, 2009

OM(usic)FG - A Look @ APOB!

Looking for some good solid punk music in the ATL or Athens these day? Check out the band, APOB, and you're sure to be entertained. Fast pounding drums, raging guitars, and dead-on vocals fill the stage at an APOB show. The stage presence and antics between these five guys make it clear that they enjoy playing music together.
We were lucky enough to catch them at the Masquerade a couple of weeks ago. The energy was high and the sound was massive. We caught up with one of their guitarists, Rory Riley, for an interview, take a look:

Q: What inspired you to start playing guitar?
A: I wanted to play the music I listened to.

Q: When did you realize you were listening to predominantly punk music?
A: My record collection just started to mainly consist of bands that were on punk rock record labels like Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph.

Q: How is APOB different than the other bands you have been in? What do you like the most about APOB?
A: The music that we play in this band is the style of punk rock that I want to play. More of the new-school feel to it. Fast all the time. A lot more energy than the other ones. What do I like the best about ABOB? I’d say our stage show, our energy and performing.

Q: Has the dynamic changed since APOB has taken on new members?
A: It’s changed a lot. In the beginning, when they were playing a lot, they were a three-piece. And as any band would say, adding more guitars has made the sound more solid. The new members have definitely helped pick up the energy. We can be a lot more technical now.

Q: Has it made writing songs easier?
A: In the early days, it used to be mostly Cramer (Chris), and Vinnie writing guitar and vocals. Now we also have Dustin and Chip doing there thing to add to the mix (& I started throwing my own little parts into it.) Ten years ago, Dustin and I played guitar together every day. Cramer is doing a great job focusing a lot on the vocals. It’s definitely changed the style completely. I really like the live set and the energy that comes off. The basis to any good band is the song writing and it’s a lot more technical now.

Q: What is your favorite song in rehearsal?
A: It’s hard to say just one. The newer stuff we’ve written coz it’s fresh. It’s always interesting to test new material and push your limits to see what you can rehearse.

Q: What is your favorite song to perform on stage?
A: Anything I can go nuts to. Some of the older stuff is easy to rock out to coz we’ve played it for a while. Basically anything that the crowd gets us moving to.

Q: What band influences you the most to play music? Gets you pumped to play guitar?
A: I would def say Big Wig, which is my favorite band obviously, & NOFX.

Q: What show has been your favorite since being in APOB?
A: A show in March with The Bastard Suns, Karbomb, And So It Goes. It was at Caledonia Lounge in Athens. It was packed out. There was a lot of people, and we were the opener. We played really well that night and the energy we put out was awesome. It really set the temp for the other three bands that played after us. It was incredible an incredible show.

Q: Do you still feel Athens has love for local music and that Athens is still relevant?
A: I would definitely say it’s relevant, and for sure the most musical friendly city in GA. A lot of the clubs are punk band friendly but it’s come increasingly hard these days to re-build the scene to what it used to be.

Q: How do you feel about punk today & how does APOB fit into what you feel punk is today?
A: There are so many stereotypes associated with the word punk now and so many sub genres. With APOB, we just write the type of music we want to play. Put our own personal spin on “punk.” We just take it and roll with it and have a blast. It’s really heavy and there’s definitely some metal influence in it. It’s not just that we’re out to write punk music, we’re out to write good music. There are five people in the band and we all have similar tastes, but there are also big differences too. It’s always fun to collaborate.

Q: One word to describe each of your fellow band members?
A: Cramer - Yankee
Dustin – Dustin
Vinnie – Italian
Chip – Broken

Q: How did covering “Cry Me a River” come about?
A: That was totally Cramer. He had wanted to cover a non punk genre song. I’m sure there was a lot of humor behind it. I mean Cry Me a River was only four chords. The break down was just the same chords, in the same order, just strummed different. I’m not an expert in transcribing the “Prince” of Pop. Isn’t that what they call Justin Timberlake? But now, since Michael’s dead, does that make him the “King” of Pop? I dunno…

Q: Is it true that APOB kidnaps unicorns?
A: Only on the weekends!

Q: What does APOB stand for?
A: Cramer was playing out in the streets with his acoustic guitar, just him. He came up with ‘A Product of Boredom’. I think when Vinnie and him got together they just shortened it to the acronym APOB. And now we just tell people they can make it stand for what they want. Get the fans involved.

Q: In the studio, did you record take by take or did you play together live?
A: The last demo we did was at the Art Institute of Atlanta. A close friend of the band offered to record us for free. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass on. She practically recorded us live. Cramer, Dustin and I were in one room and Vinnie had his own drum room. We just kept playing the songs all the way through and kept the best tracks. The vocals were laid down afterwards. Of course there was a little doctoring in the mastering stage, but it was a pretty straight forward way to record.

Q: Tell us about the future plans of APOB:
A: I feel like ever since I have joined the band, we’ve been going through a transitional period. I think we are finally at a point where we have settled down and are writing songs. We are definitely going to record and have new music out by the end of the year! Of course there’s plenty of shows in GA to be played plus we will branch out soon and hit some other South East states.

Q: Any final words?
A: If you like punk music, give us a listen, come to a show. If you don’t like it…tell us to fuck off and Cramer will give you your money back!

Come see them play:
------>July 31st show @ Caledonia Lounge w/ Guff and Wrist Bandits. Shows @ 10
------>@ Swayze’s on August 1st w/ We Won’t Stop, The Erratics, and All Left Out shows at 7
------>And @ Swayze’s on August 22 w/ Treephort and Wavepool. =) shows at 7


OMF(amily Force 5)G - EPIC WIN!

So, a BIG THANKS to all of you that voted for Family Force 5's 'Dance or Die' video.
It has won the contest and will now be played on MTV2!!!

Here's the full length version of the video:


Thursday, July 23, 2009

OMFG(ahh..Stuff That Bugs Me) - Kendra Intro

So, I guess every blog needs a little hate-r-ade from time to time:

Here's what bugs me. Much like a lot of the E! viewing nation, I have come to love Kendra Wilkinson from 'The Girls Next Door.' So, therefore, I was eagerly awaiting her new show 'Kendra' to air. The show itself it just what I expected. Typical fun-loving reality show and of course it rocks coz Kendra is the star the cameras are following. But, what is up with the intro to her show?! Bright orange background, Kendra not looking her best? Whoever came up with this needs a new job, pronto:

I'm thankful for a DVR so now I can just fast forward through it. Hopefully the show will be able to pick up Season 2 & with a new intro.

GossipGrrrl Update: Kendra is in the "nesting" stage of her pregnancy. Her and Hank are preparing to move to their home in New Jersey by the end of the summer.


**Ok, very weird BUT literally a few mins after I posted this, Kendra announced via FB that her show will be returning for a 2nd season!

PS/She sure made one gorgeous bride!

OMF(ilm)G - Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

Get it while it's HOT!
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Pictures, Images and Photos

~Mark & S

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jungle Love! Oh wee oh wee oh!

Hey lovelies!
It's nice to see people checking our awesome blog :) Y'all haven't met me, til now! I'm Kate, and I will be poppin' in from time to time to talk about all kinds of funky stuff.
Speaking of funky, there's been quite a bit of some old school funk bringing itself to my attention lately. Not the music itself, but the musicians themselves!
Let me explain. I was lucky enough to get to travel to the great cities of Los Angeles and San Diego last week too catch my boyfriend's band, Daath, on tour. I assumed I was in for 2 days of nothing but metal in sight. I was wrong! First person I see as I approach the LAX baggage claim? None other than this man right here:


The P-Funk mastermind himself, George Clinton! He's very impressive to look at. Fluorescent and big. We exchanged head nods and daps, not a word.

Fast forward to 4 days later I'm at work at Mellow Mushroom. I notice a gentleman with a raging Jerry Curl come in through the front door. He approached me at the bar with his son, and proceeded to order a key lime pie to go. I was thinking, "This guy looks SUPER familiar...and why do I have the sudden urge watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?" He gave me his credit card to pay...the name on the card? Morris Day! Sho nuff, from Morris Day and the Time. You may know this band from the gem of a movie I just mentioned, or perhaps the award-worthy Purple Rain. He returned today with his family. I guess the Mellow just got a little more psychedelic! And for your viewing pleasure, The Time doing their most infamous song, Jungle Love!

Needless to say, I am now left sitting on my couch debating on whether to get a perm or a weave. Suggestions? Haha!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

P.A.T.T. presents LOVE Thursdays @ Apres Diem (4 hrs!)

For those who've been wondering what LOVE Thursdays is all about:

P.A.T.T. presents LOVE 7.16.09
Each and every Thursday night @ Apres Diem, next to Midtown Arts Cinema



OMFGossip Girl : Cutest Celeb Couple @ Bonnaroo Award

Spotted: Drew Barrymore & Justin Long @ Bonnaroo.

Looks like these two love-birds (or Indians) have re-connected!

& Here's a pretty one of just Drew, since she is the BEST!

More on Drew to come in the future :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

OMF(amily Force 5)G Dance Or Die Music Video

Family Force 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

Something tells me this isnt the whole video, but anyways......... We've waited this long, and its well worth it. Those moves are undeniable.

oh, and go vote for them


Adam Yauch has cancer, Beastie Boys cancel all dates

Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys was diagnosed last week as having a cancerous tumor in his left parotid (salivary) gland. Luckily it was caught early and is localized in one area, and as such is considered very treatable. It will however require surgery and several weeks of additional treatment. Fortunately the cancer is not in a location that will affect Yauch's vocal chords.
Beastie Boys have canceled all upcoming concert appearances to allow time for Yauch's surgery and recovery. The release of the band's forthcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 will also be pushed back.
Paraphrasing from a video statement on [below], Yauch said, "I just need to take a little time to get this in check, and then we'll release the record and play some shows. It's a pain in the neck (sorry had to say it) because i was really looking forward to playing these shows, but the doctors have made it clear that this is not the kind of thing that can be put aside to deal with later."

OMFG(ossip) - Bam Update

As report by TMZ: Bam Margera 911 Call --- Possible Overdose: TMZ has learned star Bam Margera was rushed to the hospital yesterday after paramedics responded to a 911 call for a "possible overdose".

We're told state troopers and medical personnel arrived to his home in West Chester, PA at around 1:30pm.

April Margera just called into WMMR radio in Philly to explain why a 911 call was made:

"Bam had been filming for the Mtv show "Nitro Circus" and had become "severly dehydrated." She said when Bam films stunts for Nitro, which is just like Jackass, he forgets to take care of himself and doesn't eat enough.

April also said "basic partying" played a factor and she heard Bam walked to the ambulance on his own power.

Recent Update: We just spoke to Bam Margera who said he was rushed to the hospital Sunday after a four day drinking binge -- not because of a possible drug overdose.

The "Jackass" star blames the "4-day bender" on marital problems, telling us "I may get a divorce ... booze helps."

TMZ also spoke to Bam's mother -- who told us Bam's wife Missy called 911 because she was worried about his health after learning that he popped an Ambien during the drinking bender.

Margera says his kidney and leg muscles were a mess from not eating or drinking enough water -- but the hospital flushed out his system and he was released to his home after speaking to a psychiatrist.

Now, Bam claims he's in good health and he even sent us this photo -- taken after he was released from the hospital -- to prove it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

OMF(ashion)G - Balloon Attire

I've never seen this before, so I thought I'd share.
People using balloons to make dresses
& other crazy looking things
Just blow & twist!