Saturday, October 31, 2009

Supernatural Halloween!

For those of you who decide not to brave the rain this Halloween, or are too sick to venture very far, I suggest a CW Supernatural Marathon!!!

I promise it will be a night full of monsters, and demons, and evil that lurks in the dark.

(and two very attractive brothers)

I recommend you start from the beginning to follow as the adventures of Sam and Dean develop into a more complicated dance with devil. The earlier seasons, with a monster of the week feel, will be perfect for halloween night spooks!

Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Audio Sensory Awakening Part 12

Boo!  I tend to use that as a greeting a lot, year round even. Not sure why, guess I just really like to surprise people. Have you gotten your costume all figured out yet?? I'm just putting the finishing touches on mine. I'm a dead ringer for Lennon, but I did that a couple of years ago and I dress like Lennon at about 80% of my gigs anyway. Last year my roommate and I were Jules and Vincent (Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta's characters from Pulp Fiction) and that seemed to go off pretty well.  So this year we're pulling off another "buddy" costume! I think it'll be pretty easy to guess who we are this year... I just have no idea how I'm going to make my hair do the pompadour thing...

And now,... back to the music!!

Yes, Mark and I are super stoked because OMFG is starting to get music in the inbox!! This is huge because this means that we will be able to share new tracks with you directly from the artist! Most of the tracks you've seen me post thusfar have been songs that I have followed across the blogsphere, gathered information on, and presented to you here @ OMFG so you can have all your cake and eat it without ever leaving OMFG!! And by the way, if you didn't catch Mark's post "Birth of OMFG", make sure you catch the two tracks he posted...  my roommate and I are BIG fans of J.Rabbit's track!

Now, to present you with P.A.T.T.'s first peek into the OMFG inbox! From Low Life Inc and UK's Lot49, OMFG is proud to present you with two tracks from Lee Coombs' new album. "Light and Dark’ is in Coombs own words “a true tech funk album”, an amalgam of sounds and influences from dance music’s often disparate scenes." The title track is definitely more tech and dark than anything we've posted here before, but it still appeals to my earlier more progressive style. The accompanying track "Control" is more electro-tech and I could see this one rockin a full pumpin dancefloor at a big club.  Also, I'm going to toss in an extra freebie, Lee's remix on one of my favorite progressive production teams of the past decade, UNKLE.
Light and Dark - Lee Coombs
Control - Lee Coombs
Keys To The Kingdom (Lee Coombs Remix) - UNKLE

Flashback! This one goes out to all the old skool househeads. I will never forget my buddy Jason and his endless requesting of this song. I think half the time he was doing it just to mess with me, but how can you not love this song?? I still have the original double vinyl release and it's not buried deep in my crates, it's right on top!! Armand Van Helden has churned out many classics over the past couple decades, but this one will always be my favorite (especially because it was one of Henry Street Records biggest releases). This time Starkillers have taken it and brought it back to life with thier usual big room sound.
Funk Phenomena (Starkillers 2010 Remix) - Armand Van Helden

A lil while back, Mark shared the Skream remix of Chromeo's new single "Night by Night".  Now, I'm here to drop a fresh one on ya! Kolt13 is a Parisian producer who's been putting out a bunch of big remixes this year. Pheonix, Dragonette, and Empire Of the Sun are just a few of the artists he's been putting though his dreamy wobble soundscape. I'm also throwing in Kolt13's remix of Fancy Footwork (which might be my favorite Chromeo song of all time), the aptly named Murdaphunk remix!
Night by Night (Kolt13 Ghetto Remix) - Chromeo
Fancy Footwork (Kolt13 Murdaphunk Remix) - Chromeo

Peaches & Cream! Well, and a lil Proxy for good measure. I'm really not a Peaches fan, unless a hottie chica comes up and drops that request on me. It really depends, because if she can get that dancefloor movin, then I will definitely play some Peaches. Now, Proxy and Peaches seems like it would be either a no-brainer or a massive hardcore track. Most of Proxy's productions are very heavy electro distortion stompers. However, this time the russian rave king is toning it down a notch for Peaches. There's still a bit of electro distortion on there for ya, but on a chill breakbeat this time. I can definitely see myself rockin this one in the golden chariot.
I Feel Cream (Proxy Remix) - Peaches

Gritty, loud, hard, banger. That's pretty much how I think of most of MSTRKRFT's latest album. It's strange really. I guess I have a Love/Hate relationship with overkill electro bangers. Either that or I'm just manic. Anyway, I came across this ridculous new remix from Doorly and I would just be wrong if I didn't share it with you. Dubstep meets banger, ecstacy.
Bounce (Doorly Remix) - MSTRKRFT

Mashups, sigh. Another Love/Hate thing, am I right? I mean, a good mashup is pure happiness, a rebirth of two or more songs into something that you already love because it's part of your favorites already, and then it's got more to it now?! Is that your other favorite song's vocals?! Aww snap! Granted, there are way too many bad mashups out there, but rest easy... I don't think The Hood Internet are responsible for any of those. (p.s. there's a little hiccup in the recording at about 1:52, otherwise a solid track)
Just A Friendomania (The Hood Internet Mashup) - Biz Markie vs. Pheonix vs. Classixx

Weezyer. "This is what Lil Wayne's rock album would sound like" is definitely the best description I could deliver. Like most of my friends, I am still a huge fan of Weezer's blue album. Most everything after that is... okay. Call me nostalgic. A Lil Wayne fan I am not, although you probably could find me noddin my head to one of his tracks when I'm watchin who's looking.  However, the combination/mashup here is unmistakably awesome. The full album is free to download from the link above. Props to Mole Star.
Stuntin' Like My Daddy in Beverly Hills - Weezyer
Fireman, Gimme Some of That Surf Wax - Weezyer

One more mashup for you. This one is pretty huge in my book. Yin wasn't one of my favorite Wolfgang Gartner tracks, although it did climb pretty high on the progressive house charts. Dave Spoon is a powerhouse remixer out of the UK who's timeline on his myspace reads like a dream to me. Why couldn't I have born across the pond? The blend he puts together here layering in La Roux's vocals and unmistakable synths is progressive magic. I hope to drop this one soon!!
Yin For The Kill (Dave Spoon Bootleg) - Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve vs. La Roux

Be sure to show some love for the artists and producers by visiting thier sites and buying thier music!! Thank you all for reading! Come hang with P.A.T.T @ Apres Diem for LOVE Thursdays every week and don't miss the big party - Hella Halloween @ Tin Roof Cantina!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OMFG - Creepiest YET!

What follows is a very edited version of a paper I wrote in college about Ed Gein.  I thought this would be the perfect time of year to share this real-life horror story. Afterall, details of Mr. Gein's life were used to make such classics as: Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, & Psycho.  Get your creep on:

      December 2, 1957, was the day the country first learned about this man, Edward Gein.  That was the day that Life magazine ran the story about a “House of Horrors” found in Wisconsin.  The title of “House of Horrors” might seem strange considering he only went to trial for the murders of two people.  The other suspected incidents could not be proven.  His other victims were already dead.  They mostly consisted of bodies that he had dug up from fresh graves.  
     He was the lead suspect in Bernice Worden’s case because the day the police entered Gein’s house they happened to stumble across a unique burlap sack.  “Investigators discovered a bloody burlap sack.  Inside of it was a freshly severed head.  Inserted into the ears were large nails connected with twine.  The head belonged to Bernice Worden.  Gein had planned to hang it on the wall as a decoration.” (6)  The body of Bernice Worden also happened to be found by the first investigator into the kitchen, Arthur Schley.  “He felt something brush against his jacket.  He faced a large, dangling carcass hanging upside down.  Then he realized it was a deer carcass, but a human one.” They had also found her heart in a saucepan on the kitchen stove. (5)  The rest of the shocking, disturbing horrors that the police found inside his house, makes him one of the most famous American murderers of all time.  “The local sheriff estimated that the various body parts added up to 15 women, maybe more.” (6)
Gein had grown up on a huge farm and his closest neighbors were a significant distance away.  This alone added to some of the isolation he experienced throughout his life.  Gein’s mother was very dominating and had very firm Christian beliefs.  She was opposed to her sons having any social interactions and had difficulties when they had to go to school and be around other children. She had also told him that he was not allowed to talk to girls and that it was wrong to have feelings of attraction towards females.  
After Gein’s father and brother both had passed away, he had all of his mother’s attention.  “Ed tended to her day and night….she would scream at him for hours, calling him a weakling and a failure…and then at other times she would allow him to crawl into bed with her and stay throughout the night.” (7) Edward Gein’s mother died in December of 1945.  One of the first things that Gein did after his mother passed away was to board off the rooms that his mother spent time in the most.  He left these untouched as a shrine to her.  “He confined himself mostly to the kitchen and a small utility room that he converted into a bedroom.” (7)  
In his free time, he started expanding his knowledge through reading, however his creativity was growing in a negative way. For him to all of a sudden see images in pornographic magazines and not have his mother there to yell at him could have been a brand new situation for him.  One example of the effect these books had on his actions is parallel to the headhunter books he would read.  When investigators went into his “house of horrors,” they found on the wall “faces of nine women, carefully preserved and mounted like the bizarre collection of a human hunter.” (7)  As Gein’s reading continued, his favorite part of the newspaper was the obituaries.  He would look there to find who had recently died, especially women, and then go to their graves at night.  He had befriended a mentally retarded boy in the town named Gus.  The two of them would go to the graveyards at night and dig up fresh graves for body parts. “Although he later swore to police that he never had sexual intercourse with any of the dead women, he did take a particular pleasure in peeling their skin from their bodies and wearing it.  He was fascinated by women because of the power and hold they had over men.”  (5)  He was known to put on women’s skin and dance under the moon light, this seemed to give him a sense of fulfillment.  He would also wear a woman’s scalp and face and he wore a body suit made from human skin. (8)  For some unknown reason, this did not satisfy him enough.  
He then began dismembering body parts off the corpses and bringing them home with him.  He would make different items out of the body parts and set them around his house.  Some of the items included: bedposts and bowls made from skulls, mobiles made from noses and lips, lamp shades, waste baskets, and upholstery of chairs made of human skin, and a belt made of nipples. (8) 
The first person he murdered was Bernice Worden.  She was also the first body the police found in his house and the reason why they went to his “house of horrors” in the first place.  The second person he murdered was Mary Hogan.  Shortly after Mary disappeared, locals remember Gein talking about it at bars.  
   On November 7, 1968, Edward Gein was on trial for the murders of Bernice Worden and Mary Hogan.  He had been assigned to a mental hospital for ten years before he was deemed able to stand trial. The verdict was guilty by reason of insanity.  In 1978, he was moved to the hospital where would reside until his death.  Gein was seen as a model patient, he liked to read and do arts and crafts.  He never had to be tranquilized and seemed to keep to himself most of the time.  The staff at the hospital said that it was hard to tell that he was insane at all.  “If all our patients were like him, we would have no trouble at all.” (5)  Gein died of respiratory failure on July 26, 1984. (5)
The truck he used to haul the bodies and body parts to his house was bought and displayed as a carnival sideshow.  Even though people were disturbed and scared by Edward Gein people were intrigued at the same time.  “More than 2,000 people paid a 25 cent admission to see the car over a two-day period. It was called the ‘Ghoul Car.’” (6)  
   In recent years, three different movies were made using parts of Gein’s life.  Silence of the Lambs had a character named Buffalo Bill.  That character would make clothes out of women’s skin and had an urge to be a woman.  Psycho! was based on Gein’s relationship with his mother.  Finally, in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Gein’s house and a connection with grave robbery and cannibalism are made.  Edward Gein’s shocking crimes along with the help from these Hollywood movies, continues to make him one of the most famous American murderers of all time. ~S


(Life Magazine)

For a list of citations used in this article, please feel free to contact us @

OMF(G)raveyard Tavern

By Bob Townsend
For the AJC

The Vortex and Bone Garden Cantina are among the Atlanta bars and restaurants where the spirit of Halloween is always evident. But given it’s name alone, Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta may be the spookiest of them all. And on Saturday, this year’s Halloween celebration is an evening extravaganza of music and mayhem, billed “Dirt Nap.” Of course, since new management took over in 2008, there’s a DJ or something going on most nights — whether it’s Dive Bar Dance Club on Mondays, Swing Night on Wednesdays (with a live band) or the infamous Filthy and Famous Fridays. In addition to all that, the Tavern side of the operation has been undergoing some changes in the past few months, bringing on a new chef and a new menu featuring recession-worthy entrees and specials priced below $13.

Go visit the Graveyard Tavern this Halloween!

Our girls at the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta
~Steph Geezy~

Why women love vampires and men don't.

A vampire is a monster, who looks, acts, and talks like a man. Who is passionate, romantic, and tortured. To surrender to this character is to play with fire. The vampire, in many ways, is the prototype of the bad boy.
Women love bad boys - they're exciting, and the chance to change him, to break him like a horse, must be an irresistible challenge. If self-destruction weren't seductive on some superficial level, then no one would ever need rehab.

Dudes just don't dig bloodsuckers, since vampires pretty much look like girls. We prefer zombies, because we love chainsaws, flamethrowers, and samurai swords.

Visit the article here:
By John DeVore, The Frisky

I agree with the writer. Women love bad boys and being attracted to something bad feels so good.
Happy Halloween!
~Steph Geezy~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's almost Halloween! Let's talk Paranormal! You may or may not have heard of Ghost Hunters (hopefully you have!!!), but I am a HUGE fan. Skeptics need not apply, I'm a BELIEVER! Ok, so even if you don't believe, it's still an entertaining show. Meat Loaf was on as a guest investigator a couple weeks ago! He's a fan, and says you should be too!

The Ghost Hunters investigators are members of TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society. They don't charge for the investigation, and look to disprove that there is paranormal activity rather than prove there activity in a certain location.


The show has been on air since 2004, and have had many guest investigators such as Colin Ferguson of Eureka, Joshua Gates of Destination Truth, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, and Mike Mizanin (all from World Wrestling Entertainment).

The show airs every Wednesday night usually starting at 7:00pm EST with 2 old episodes then the new episode at 9:00pm EST. SO tomorrow night!! NEW EPISODE! Ghost Hunters - Next Episode - Rocky Mountain Haunting

Visit their official Syfy page for more details on the show and to watch full episodes. You can also go to the TAPS official page for information on The Atlantic Paranormal Sociey.

p.s. - I got to meet the Ghost Hunters: Grant, Jason, Steve, Tango, and Kris & then Dustin and Joe from Ghost Hunters International at Dragon*Con this year. They were awesome, very down to earth!

Rock on!

The Birth Of OMFG? Right Here?

The inbox is starting to fill with new music for you people. I know you NEED THIS. I'm happy to share with you that we are starting to receive MP3's from record labels in our gmail box. What does this mean for you? HOT DISHES! Straight from us to you. Lets dig in, Shall we?
This first batch comes from Play Me Records. They served us up with a great Major Lazer Remix. Which I personally think would work great as an intro track, or a 3 am track for you DJ's out there. (however you like to get down, right?)

Next, we gotta great remix of the old NES Game Tune from Ninja Gaiden! oh yeah! Its got some great bass, some great synth, and of course, the dark vocal sample. TURN THIS ONE UP!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMF(ilm)G - WHIP IT!

This year for my birthday, I was very lucky to receive a ticket to the movie WHIP IT! from one of my best friends. Since I was young, I have always rushed to the theater to see Drew Barrymore's movies. I would def consider myself to be a very loyal fan and was so excited to see Drew's directorial debut. One of the best things about WHIP IT! is that is is FUN! It is such a release to watch it and I felt uplifted as I left the theater.

Unlike most people, I was not actually a huge fan of Ellen Page after seeing the movie Juno. However, I totally loved her character in this movie. I also loved that I could not tell that is was Drew's first time directing. The camera work was great, the underwater scene was nicely done, && the message of "finding your own tribe" and "being your own hero" was well displayed.

I liked the in-your-face lettering at the beginning of the movie (( it kind of reminded me of OMFG's blog )) and I  also really dig the soundtrack to the movie.

There's a lot of faces you will recognize in this
movie as well:
Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig, & Juliette Lewis to name a few.
So check it out sometime. ~S
You can see more clips @ Whip It!'s IMDB page & check out DrewBarrymoreOnline for more info. on Drew Barrymore.

Southern Shelter: A Free Refuge of Live Local Music

Southern Shelter is a really cool website I recently stumbled on. It basically archives and posts local Athens and Atlanta Georgia concerts in mp3 format. So if you didn't catch the show or want to relive it, check to see if it's posted here. It's very up to date and has surprisingly good sound quality. All sorts of fresh diverse indie rock, which Athens is somewhat known for being a mecca for. Check out Jay Reatard or Circulatory System (pictured) if you need help getting started. This is an excellent way to discover and explore, from your computer, local rising music talent, as they're meant to be: live raw and in the moment. If you know of other good live music sites, please share it in a comment.  Have a nice day! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Boo! Fun Halloween Cocktails.


Looking for a way to make your Halloween evening out or party more fun? Any drink can become a Halloween cocktail if decorated right. From blood-dripped cocktail glasses, colored sugar rims, or simply garnishing with a severed finger or candy eyeballs. You are guaranteed to have yourself one creepy looking drink!


We can drink beer any day of the week so why not try one of these fun cocktails!

To start of with simple ways to make any cocktail more fun, use a Blood Rimmed Glass:

Easy to do!! Alot of people use corn syrup, sugar, and food color, but using Clear honey or light corn syrup along with red food color in gel form works best to not stain your glass.
Don't have time? Simply use a raspberry puree to drizzle down the side of your drink.

Turn your classic Cocktail's into dark mysterious drinks by using a Black Vodka such as Blavod Black Vodka.

Spooky Screwdriver:
2oz. Black Vodka, very cold
3oz. Pulp free OJ

Black Widow:
2oz. Black Vodka, very cold
3oz. Cranberry Juice


-Serve with ice and in clear glasses to show off color.

Dracula's Kiss:
(Serve in highball glass)

1 oz. Black Cherry Vodka (effen)
1/2 oz. Grenadine

-Coat bottom w/ Grenadine, add ice & Vodka. Fill w/ Coke.

Dracula's Bite:
(served in Martini Glass)

1 part Liqueur, Maraschino
3 parts Vanilla Vodka
1 part Grenadine

-Shake Vodka, rim glass w/ red sugar, layer in Grenadine & liqueur.

The "Vampire":
(serve in Martini Glass)

1oz. Gin (Bombay Sapphire)
1oz. Vodka
6oz. (Amp)
- "V" for the Vodka, "amp" for the amp, "ire" for the Sapphire. Pour into glass w/ ice add Amp, add Gin.

Monster Mash:
(served in beer glass)


1oz. Gold Rum
1oz. Lemon Schnapps
2oz. Vodka
1 Can Monster energy drink

-Mix and serve in large beer Glass

Easy to ask your Bartender for while out!!

Alice in Nightmareland:
(serve in shot glass)

1 part Curacao, blue
1 part Jager
1 part Kahula

-Mix for shot or serve over ice.

Brain Hemorrhage :
(Served as a fun shot or drink)

1oz. Peach Schnapps
1 tsp. Bailey's Irish Cream
2 drops Grenadine

-Pour the schnapps into shot glass, slowly add Baileys. Top w/ grenadine.

....And Don't forget the candy!!

Milky Way Martini

(serve in martini glass)

-This is an adult version the classic candy bar. Mix coffee liqueur, chocolate vodka & cream.

Enjoy! Happy Halloween!!!

Family Force 5 - Ghost Ride The Whip

One of the crunkest times of my life was the other night at the Family Force 5 show. I've seen them more times than I can count, but it was especially great this time around. This clip isnt from the atlanta show, but its great quality, and Robert, Steph and I made fools out of ourselves dancing to this song. So much that afterwards Solomon (the singer) said he saw us going crazy in the stands from the stage. ENJOY!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

GWC, A New Effect, Gravity Burn, Echoes End & Dead Stays Alive @ Sweetwater

This Friday (October 23), Fast Forward Management presents FIVE talented bands at Sweetwater Live in Duluth, GA. You get to see 5 bands for only $5 for 21+ and $10 for 18-20. That's a lot of ROCK for your money! VIPs from LA will be flying in to check out these bands, THAT'S how awesome this show will be! I will also be there, so come say hey to me!

For all you fans, there will be a raffle for autographed items from the band! Just think, when these guys (and girl) make it big YOU will be the first with something autographed by the band! Doors are at 7:00pm, first band goes on at 8:00pm! This is the first time all these bands will play together, so GET THERE EARLY because it will surely sell out!

Sweetwater Live- 2920 Old Norcross Rd. Duluth , GA

Greedy White Citizens

A New Effect

Gravity Burn

Dead Stays Alive

Echoes End

Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Poll Related: Which Scary Movie is Your Favorite?

Tell us which scary movie is your favorite.
You can vote on the poll OR comment here to let us know.
We did not have room to fit ALL the best since there are so many of course!

OMFG - Updated!! #2 - Creepy Spin on Disney

Update #2 - A little while back I put up a post about some creepy Disney inspired artwork ((to revisit the post go here: Disney Creepers!))  Well, now I've got another picture to add to that post.

Photo: AdelaideNow
This is a photo for a new Australian beer add that has come out. "Ho - White".
The company is promoting the beer as "anything but sweet"
For more info & to read the original article......go here!

OMFG - Updated!! #1 - A Christmas Carol Train

Hey everyone!  S here to give you updates on some previous posts that I have made.

Update #1 - First off, remember my post about the Christmas Carol train that was coming through Atlanta? Well, it was a promotional train tour for the new Robert Zemeckis movie: A Christmas Carol 3D starring Jim Carey.  ((To see the previous post click here: 3D X-mas)) I went to see the train on October 6th. Here are some of the pictures from it:      ~S

Madonna: Inside the RollingStone Issue

Madonna Looks Back.

At 51, with a massive tour and a new greatest-hits collection, Her Madgesty still reigns. The queen of pop reflects on three decades of shock and awe. And now that she’s released the two-disc retrospective Celebration, the pop superstar who rarely looks back sat down with Rolling Stone’s Austin Scaggs for a revealing trip through her early days in New York, some of her biggest scandals, and of course, her most massive hits in our new issue, on stands today.

By Austin Scaggs

~Steph Geezy~

Netherworld Haunted House

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween, and you may be looking for a nearby scare-fest! OMFG, you're in luck! Atlanta has one of the most chilling and creepiest places in America. Look no farther than the Norcross Netherworld Haunted House !!! Check out their website here! Their 13th year should be the most portentously promising one yet! ranked it the 2nd scariest Haunted House in AMERICA!!!


Fangoria ranked the Netherworld Haunted House #1 out of the best 20 Haunted Houses in AMERICA!!!

If you have recently seen Zombieland, you may recognize the some of the scenes that were shot inside the local haunt! 

                                              from the Netherworld website

Tickets are $20 for 1 house (BLOOD NIGHT) and $25 for both houses(BLOOD RAGE and ZOMBIE RAMPAGE) Open 7-Midnight every Friday and Saturday for the rest of October!!! and 7-11pm Sunday-Thursday!

And if you are thirsty, this is the only place you can get a taste of ZOMBIE RAMPAGE, the energy drink Nat mentioned earlier this year.... IT'S STRONG ENOUGH TO RAISE THE DEAD!!!