Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OMFG - Coca-Cola Tests Out The NEW Freestyle Machines in Atlanta!

Introducing: The new Coca-Cola Freestlye Machines
What it is: Coca-Cola has revamped their coke machines and are testing them out in select locations in Atlanta and California. The machines can be seen in 3 different colors (red, black & grey) and with over 100 flavors! These machines let drinkers experiment with drink flavors they have never seen or thought of before.
How it works: Drinker's first option is to pick their soda (ex: coke, sprite, fresca, vault, etc..).  Then, pick the flavor they want mixed into the soda (ex: cherry, rasberry, orange, etc..). Then you push the 'Pour' button and you are all set to drink your favorite flavored soda.
Flavor Review: Mark's favorite flavor discoveries were the Rasberry Coke & Peach Vault. Our friend at Coke recommends the Rasberry Lemonade. S recommends not trying the Cherry Sprite though. It was interesting that despite all the flavors, we found they they didn't offer: Vanilla Sprite! (at least we still have Waffle House for that one)

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Click here for a map of locations: Map of Freestyles

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  1. There's nothing like an old fashioned Coke.