Thursday, July 23, 2009

OMFG(ahh..Stuff That Bugs Me) - Kendra Intro

So, I guess every blog needs a little hate-r-ade from time to time:

Here's what bugs me. Much like a lot of the E! viewing nation, I have come to love Kendra Wilkinson from 'The Girls Next Door.' So, therefore, I was eagerly awaiting her new show 'Kendra' to air. The show itself it just what I expected. Typical fun-loving reality show and of course it rocks coz Kendra is the star the cameras are following. But, what is up with the intro to her show?! Bright orange background, Kendra not looking her best? Whoever came up with this needs a new job, pronto:

I'm thankful for a DVR so now I can just fast forward through it. Hopefully the show will be able to pick up Season 2 & with a new intro.

GossipGrrrl Update: Kendra is in the "nesting" stage of her pregnancy. Her and Hank are preparing to move to their home in New Jersey by the end of the summer.


**Ok, very weird BUT literally a few mins after I posted this, Kendra announced via FB that her show will be returning for a 2nd season!

PS/She sure made one gorgeous bride!

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  1. Mike says: "Kendra's cool...but she's no Lohan!"