Thursday, February 4, 2010

OM(usic)FG(one Postal)

Since I do have some free time and the inbox is teeming with music just itching to get out there, I'm going to try and get most of this knocked out in one post. The middle of the week is here (for most of us!... *looks at those australians and their one day ahead powers...) and that means its basically Friday for me (my work schedule is a lil wierd).

Elite Force has opened up thier mini-store "Revamped" with a preview player built into the page to check out the tracks. Check it out at Late January, they have the 1st vinyl release from the project available  which includes 'Shaolin Style' (the biggest tune on the entire Soundcloud platform last year), 'The Final Whistle' and 'Redlights & Lasers', and they also have a very special ultra LIMITED EDITION offer of just 3 signed TEST PRESSINGS available on a first come first served basis. Also, look out for the digital release coming soon (22nd Feb) and various exclusive bundles from the website ... Elite Force also would still appreciate a vote or two at the BREAKSPOLL awards this year ( ) especially given he can now reveal that he's closing out the party in Room One at Fabric on 25th February!

'Fly Away Another Day' is another great track off of Pretty Light's latest album 'Passing By Behind Your Eyes'. I've already told you guys how awesome this guy is, go download his albums and be sure to show him some love next time he's back in the ATL.
Fly Away Another Day - Pretty Lights

Dylan Rhymes (Lot49 label owner) & Tom Real (aka Disco of Doom and part of The Rogue Element) sent us this sweet remix of their latest single 'Godzilla'.  Fussy Boy is new to the Lot49 roster, although poised to rock it hard this year, so Dylan decided to let us give this one out for free! It's a fidget heavy floor pounder. Check it out and pick up the original EP with the remixes on beatport.
Godzilla (Fussy Boy Remix) - Dylan Rhymes & Tom Real

Another Lot49 release I totally slacked off on are these gritty, pounding new tracks from Niyi. This guy is all over Europe. I picked up a copy of 'Boom Bang Boy' last July and I rocked it a few times, catchy tune but I wasn't impressed yet. Then I finally listened to all 3 tracks back to back and I finally get it. This guy is gonna steal your girl. Mark my words. Niyi, show em...
Bumpback (Raven Remix) - Niyi

Jungle Fever - Niyi

Fresh artist here! Urban Legend dropped us an email about thier new EP 'World Keeps Spinnin', a chill french house style track with some seductive vocals from Chana. I'm definitely diggin it. Urban Legend is the production duo J-Radical and Kool Kojak. The two were introduced in Brooklyn by Dr.Luke (best known for his work with platinum-plus artists Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne), both producers hit it off instantly. It turned out that Kojak thought J-Radical’s new kicks were “dope”. “Ever since I saw him rocking those Air Force 1’s, I knew he was down by law”, quips Kojak. “We had an instant connection,” he adds with a smirk. The two soon found themselves holed up in J-Radical's Hollywood studio making tracks until all hours. Both with a penchant for Latinas, the obvious move: “to just be a couple of white boys making a Latino record.”  Since both cats were already making a name for themselves on a solo tip, the natural thing to do was to come together like some rum-soaked Wonder Twins and set out for a musical path of destruction.
World Keeps Spinning feat Chana - Urban Legend 
El Hurucan feat. Rico Paobon & La Buja

Mmm, tasty. You guys know how much I love The xx. So I'm usually happy anytime I find a new remix of thier tracks. Low Life Inc sent us over this bumpin lil Popular Damage rework of 'Crystallised'. It's a great track, but this 192kbps isnt quite what I would want to rock in the club. I'll let ya know where to buy once I can find it!
Crystallised (Popular Damage Assimilation) - The xx

And last but not least, not at all, is another track by way of Low Life Inc. SCNDL is an electro outfit out of New York City. Inspired by old Chicago house, this track wants to know, "What gets YOU in?" Including remixes from Lee Mortimer, Fukkk Offf, and Markus Lange & Stereofunk), this is an awesome EP package. Available for purchase on beatport.
Need To Know (Markus Lange & Stereofunk) - SCNDL

I'll definitely have more this weekend. Thanks a lot OMFG readers! Don't forget to come by Apres Diem tonite for LOVE Thursdays with dj p.a.t.t. I might have a sticker for ya, if you ask nice. = )


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