Thursday, November 5, 2009

OMFG - TV Guide for HOT TV Mondays

Listen up all my sexy couch potatoes, I've got the heads up for you!
After all, what's the harm in a little drama as long as it's on TV right? Well, I've got your Monday & Tuesday nights covered. This post will be about Mondays. Ready? Ok, let's start with your Monday drama fix.
Enter--Gossip Girl--The CW--9pm.
The cast has graced such covers as Rolling Stone & New York.

Although I have not been a fan of hers in the past, I do enjoy Hilary Duff being a new character on the show. I know Chuck ruffles you boy's feathers, but I believe Blair & Serena are reason enough to watch the show. The cast is gorgeous, there's no denying. So add them to your list of DVR shows or check out an episode sometime.
There's some upcoming episodes that you should keep your eye out for. Next week, is their "3" episode. Which implies that a possible 3-some will occur.  Could they be tapping into the threesome theme of Britney's Spears newest hit? Maybe so.

Following the '3' episode will be the Lady Gaga episode, so fans of her, watch for that appearance. 

Stay tuned for your Tuesday night guide. This will be a triple-threat. Coming soon....
You know you love it, xoxo.

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