Thursday, November 5, 2009

OMF(ergie)G! - Fergie VS. ATL Stripper

Rumors are a buzz this morning in the ATL. (As well as anywhere else gossip magazines & shows exist.)  An ATL stripper went on the Bert Show this morning to talk about the night she spent with Josh Duhamel (Fergie's husband). No one knows if this story is ture or not as of now. His people deny it & she has taken a polygraph test and passed it.  Josh is currently in town filiming a movie and staying at the St. Regis. Fergie is in town with him as well now. What do you guys think? True or Bogus?? Here's a picture of the pair out last night @ Chops Steakhouse & Seafood in Atlanta.

Star Pix/Aguilar/

Go here for more info on this breaking story:
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Josh Duhamel's So-Called Fling? "We Had a Really, Really Good Time," Stripper Says

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  1. I think it's true. My co-worker has pic's of him at the Rob Thomas concert at the Fox and he was def. flirting with all the girls. Fergie was no where to be found.