Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weed - DC Hope

Ok, a couple weeks or so ago I brought you an artist named Lance Herbstrong. Now, Weed. Hrm... I need to move. But I digress. Brooklyn- based "bedrock" musician Willy "Flip" Anderson says about himself, "I picked the name Weed because I'm comfortable with every association the word brings to mind. I like thinking about people using songs like drugs. I've certainly used records to relax, to get pumped up, or to cheer up, if only temporarily. More than anything, Weed is a verb. Weed out the bad shit."

Disclaimer: This is not like anything else I've posted on OMFG, you'll see what I mean.

Pick up the EP on iTunes

p.s. Searching around the net for info in this guy is tough!

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