Friday, September 17, 2010

OMF(ashion)G - Spirit Hoods!

Spirit Hoods leads the pack for FW2010
Atlanta’s has already seen “boots with the fur”, but this fall a wilder accessory is on the prowl….
As a natural progression from the Native American inspired appliqué seen this past spring and summer;
Fringe turns to fur and headbands into hoods.
Luxurious, high-quality, faux fur animal hoods fashioned after some of the most sacred spirit guides in the animal kingdom. Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, and Jaguar are amongst the many hoods available for purchase on the Spirit Hoods website (

For me, it was love at first nuzzle when I spotted a pair of foxes (no, literally a red fox and silver fox) at the Hudson Jeans and Creative Recreation party at club XS in Las Vegas during the August 2010 Project trade show.
As destiny would have it, I ran into the same couple in the entrance of The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on my way to see a Wolf Mother concert at the pool.
The $130 dollars I shelled out in cash was a small price to pay for a Faux Fur hood that not only looks and feels real, but is a worth-while investment for a statement piece that will last a lifetime.
Grey Wolf was the obvious choice for me and as I slipped my hands into the paw pockets, I felt my inner She-wolf taking over.
In nothing but my bikini and hood (there’s a hidden pocket in the hood for I.D, cash, lip gloss, etc.), my wolf-brother and  I took off to the concert – leaping from ledge to ledge, running through crowded restaurants and surrounding unsuspecting prey at the bar.
The wolves had taken over.
“Spirit Hoods are more than just a wild accessory, they are a symbol of this bond and connection we have to our primal and wild natures” stated on the company website
Every Spirit Hood is made locally by hand in the Los Angeles based offices and with so much detail put into each one- no two hoods are exactly the same.
A detailed description of the traits the animal spirit possesses also accompanies each hood, which helps to assist in choosing the perfect Spirit Hood connected to the wearer’s personality.
If being on the cutting edge of one of the most dominant trends for FW2010 wasn’t enough;
Spirit Hoods is a socially conscious company that also donates part of their proceeds from internet sales to non-profit organizations around the world to help the spirit animals marked by their Product Blue logo.
(Go to for more details)
Join the Tribe and set your Spirit free….
Posted by guest contributor: Ash Foster
*Spirithoods can already be seen making appearances out in the ATL.
Check out this pic of Miss Ash with Silk Wolf from last night's Chill Pill event @ Pcheen.

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  1. I frickin love my Spirithood! It's a movement, It'll change your life! BTW that Miss Ash guest contributor is a hottie!