Sunday, September 5, 2010

OMF(ood)G - SIMPLY DELICIOUS - Little Azio's

Have you ever tried Little Azio’s? Well if not you might want to give them a try. The
pizza, with its thin crust is excellent. I think they have the best calamari I have tasted
and I have had some good calamari. However, calamari I know is not for everybody so
you might want to try the Bruschetta (yummy) or fried Zucchini or really any of their
appetizers or very good. Their Asian Chicken Salad is wonderful. I actually don’t even
care if the chicken is added I just love the salad with its crispy noodles, red peppers,
gorgonzola and tomatoes and the wonderful sesame-ginger vinaigrette dressing they put
on it. Their house salad is also wonderful with the house dressing. One would think I
have been there once or twice maybe. Seriously it is a good place to eat and reasonably


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