Monday, September 13, 2010

Thief nabs Drivin' N Cryin's gear -- HELP CATCH THIS GUY!

After their show Friday night in Macon, GA, the band Drivin' N Cryin' left their hotel to get a late night meal. When they returned, they found that their trailer full of $50,000 in musical gear had been stolen.  The low-life scumbag, Reginald Donta Ellis, has been pawning their equipment at Atlanta area pawn shops. KEEP A LOOK OUT! I know a lot of bands, and this is one of the worst things that could happen.

The trailer is a black 5' x 10' Quicksilver trailer and has band stickers on the back of it.  OH and guess what, we've got ID now. Anyone up for a man hunt?  Here's the piece of junk that is pawning the gear. You best bet I have his face burned in my memory.  The arrest warrants are out.

picture from Drivin' N Cryin's website

Their website states that any information as to his whereabouts or activities should be forwarded to the Atlanta Police Department (404) 614-6544, Chamblee Police Department (770) 986-5005 (case #10-02795) or the Bibb County Sheriff’s office in Macon (case #B10-35127)- (478)-746-9441.

Or contact the band's manager at

I'll keep this updated. Hopefully they catch this scumbag.

******UPDATE 9/14/10*******

The perp has been seen at Cash America Pawn in Chamblee AND at Dirt Cheap Music in Smyrna trying to sell silver bass, telecaster and Marshall JCM900.

DNC bass player Tim Nielsen posted on the band's facebook page yesterday:

"Hey folks! Thanks for all the support. With all of the media attention, I doubt this perp is gonna try to sell anything else in the Atlanta area. We are going to start looking in other towns. Check craigslist , music stores that buy used gear and pawn shops in other cities; Charlotte, Chattanooga , Nashville , Charleston Birmingham ,Orlando, and so on. Thanks y'all. We love you!"

Here is a link to their facebook page where they've got pictures of all the stolen gear:

This thief WILL probably be going other places to pawn now, so even if you're not in Atlanta, you can help out.


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