Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMFG - 90210 Day - Dragon*Con style

So, not only was Thursday 90210 day, but it was also official pre-party night for Dragon*Con here in Atlanta. One of our friends, Grace, ran into Luke Perry @ Trader Vic's (the restaurant/bar in the bottom of the Hilton hotel.)  I thought it was so neat that she got to get a pic with the famous 90210 star on national 90210 day! It's Dylan!!!..........But, according to Grace, the person in her life who was going to be most excited to see the picture was her grandmother, who is a HUGE fan! adorable.
We will be bringing you more posts on Dragon*Con later on. 
One of our OMFG contributors, Mo, is partying it up all weekend there! 

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S (steph_gossipgrrrl)

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