Thursday, July 15, 2010

SidAerial @ Wild Bill's (7/16/10)

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Local act SidAerial performs at Wild Bill’s tomorrow night (7/16) with other Atlanta natives, Eleven Standing Still and Ultradrive. They have been touring through out the southeast performing songs off their 2009 EP “Look What I Found.” The band, Jonas Lagana (Vocals), Aaron Andrus (Guitar/Vocals), Duncan Niederer (Bass/Vocals), and WuD (Drums/Vocals), shares a love for creating music that embodies everything they believe in.

They are known for their live shows, and there’s so much musical talent in this band, you just have to see it in person. High energy, great harmonies, fantastic riffs & rhythms are all incorporate into SidAerials power-packed set.

You can buy their EP on iTunes or at the show TOMORROW NIGHT at Wild Bill’s (hint hint!). The EP includes great songs such as “The Way,” “Fall,” and “Another Number” just to name a few.

Doors tomorrow are at 8:00pm, and SidAerial opens, so GET THERE EARLY! Hope to see you there. Do yourself a favor and get this EP!  I hope to see your beautiful faces @ Wild Bill's!

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