Friday, July 2, 2010

Rockstars still do their own laundry!

Greetings lovelies!

So today was starting off as a pretty normal day. I woke up early to go do laundry at the local laundromat (the one in front of Buddy's on North Ave and North Highland, for you ATLiens.) I was expecting it to be the normal, boring laundromat trip of reading crappy tabloids and avoiding awkward conversations, but I got quite the shock to see a local celebrity walk in: Bill Kelliher, guitarist for metal band Mastadon!

Now I say local, since we metal lovers all know the Mastadon boys are from the A, but these guys have DEFINITELY blown up massively in the past couple of years: nominated for Grammys, Ozzfest, other massive national tours, they even did the music for the new film Jonah Hex.

I was, sir, are one of the hugest dudes in metal right now. And you are at Buddy's...doing coin laundry.

I kind of liked it. Keeps our celebs a little more down to earth :)

So, I guess my advice for you local celeb seekers, don't neglect the small places! You never know who might drop on in and wash their underwear!

~ Kate*

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