Monday, July 26, 2010

The band that has been MIA for the past 2 years is back! Rufiooooooo.

Rufio is back!
Rufio stream the new song "Under 18" exclusively on Altpress. The song comes from the band's latest, Anybody Out There, which drops tomorrow July 27.

I'm very excited for this album, I've always been a huge fan since I first heard their
 album Perhaps I suppose...
We haven't heard anything from them in about 5 years and when I found this great new's out
today I was eccstatic!!! The album "Anbody out there" Is definatly a welcome return!
Not to mention it's kinda ironic that the Warped Tour is here in Atlanta today
and the Warped Tour is where I first got to meet these guys and hang out with them all day on their Tour Bus and backstage! Clark was a very sweet generous guy and just wanted us to have a good time, and that we did! Definatly a day I will never forget.
I wish much luck to Rufio, you guys look great!

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