Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foxes In Fiction - Swung From The Branches

Niether a fox nor fiction, Warren Hildebrand is the Toronto based musician behind Foxes In Fiction. Swung From The Branches is his full-length debut album. Infact, it was a self-released cassette until just last week when Moodgagdet reissued the album. Seeing that Warren, like many growing artists lately, is giving away most of his recordings for free... some people would think him unambitious. Personally I find it quite the opposite. While I haven't produced any original tracks in years (and doubt I'd share any of those anyway), the recordings I do have of my work I gladly give to anyone who wants to hear it. It's all about artist expression. Below I have 2 selections from Warren's album in 320kbps glory. Download/listen and enjoy. Then go pick up the other 20 tracks from Moodgagdet!


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