Friday, July 16, 2010

Disco to Dubstep

Now this is looking like a BAMF. If you don't know what a BAMF is... well good for you. Please continue to stay away from Dane Cook. Now back to the music. I am a huge fan of crossing genres. When I started out spinning vinyl I got into a lot of disco and vocal house tracks. However, today I'm droppin sick dub beats in the latest blow out sets I've been playing. So naturally the title of this release caught me right away. Just from listening to the sampler here... I'm a believer. Not to mention, sick artwork on this one, right? Ok, who do I give my money to? You? Right.

1 Plej - Borderline [Mock & Toof Remix]
2 Oblong - Playing On My Mind (feat. Adam Parker) [Maelstrom Vocal Mix]
3 Plej - Safe Place [Toby Tobias Dubbindelay Mix]
4 Butti 49 - Alan Accelerates [Fenomenon Mix]
5 Cloud - Innocence (feat. Lucien Etori) [Falconcrest Remix]
6 Ken Ishii - Awakening [Jimpster Remix]
7 Cloud - Turning [AlphaMotive Remix]
8 Blu Mar Ten - All Over Again (feat. Ernesto) [Tom Middleton Mix]
9 Superpumas - Hiph [Olav Basoski Urban Haze Remix]
10 Blu Mar Ten - Why Me Why Now [Cicada Mix]
11 The Rogue Element - Panic Attacks [King Roc Remix]
12 Nursery of Naughtiness - Electrified [The Rogue Element Remix]
13 Culprit 1 - No Need To Ask [Reso's Resurrection Mix]
14 The Rogue Element - Hive [Raffertie's S.W.A.R.M. Remix]
15 Culprit 1 - Screamer [Planas Mix]
16 Tubbs - New Way Of Life [Marlinspike Mix]


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