Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tiefschwarz - Home

Tiefshwarz are probably best known for their track 'Damage with Tracey Thorn' and the huge Mandy remix that followed. But the german brothers Ali and Basti Shwarz began their music career way back in the '90s and have been churning out quality techno and house the whole time. *note: I posted the first picture because I thought it went best with the track I have to post here, but when I saw the second one I thought they looked more like male models and had to post for contrast.

Home is off of their third album 'Chocolate' which will be quickly followed by 'More Chocolate, both out on Tiefshwarz own label Souvenier

"‘Chocolate’ is everything: subtle, bitter, and sweet, without milk and sugar, it is hand crafted from only the finest ingredients. The only problem is that the 16 pieces of “Chocolate” are highly addictive. Once you've tasted the edgy vocal contributions of Cassy, Dave Aju, Daniel Wilde & Seth Troxler - added to the bittersweet beat-making expertise of Philipp “Santé” Maier, you'll be looking everywhere for more...So on that note they carefully concoct
“More Chocolate," the follow up essential piece of the chocolate bar.  By harvesting more vocal weirdness, blending just a pinch of club-driven rhythms and tempering them with the perfect amount of deepness. A new collection of seven beat-driven flavors, which taste even better where they are played together... And will leave you craving a tall glass of milk to swallow it all down." (low life inc)



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