Thursday, June 3, 2010

OMFG - Celebs Makin' $ Off Candy???

The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas helps celebs make some money off of Couture Candy! 
Holly Madison, Britney Spears, & Kim Kardashian are three of the celebs that have teamed up with Sugar Factory. Holly's no stranger to designing jewelry. She designed many pieces for Playboy while she was dating Hugh Hefner. But now she has launched a custom line of candy necklaces. 
((Photo Credit - Scott Harrison))
Britney Spears was behind a lollipop to help promote her Circus Tour. It came in 4 flavors: Big Top, Ring of Fire, Baby Pink, & Charmed. 
Kim Kardashian also joined in the fun with her Couture Lolli too! 
Click here to visit the Sugar Factory site.
Lick it up ladies! 

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