Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JDSY - Blue Newspaper

I really couldn't describe this album any better than Moodgadget has, so I'll let them tell you all about it. But I've been jamming to these tracks in my car all week and I already recognize this guy's sound as soon as another one comes on in the shuffle mode, awesome stuff. Don't miss the free track 'Telluride' below!

"Avant pop poster boy Joey Sims, aka JDSY has returned with Blue Newspaper, his newest full-length album and third release on Moodgadget. In the same vein as with previous releases, Adage of Known and Understander EP, Blue Newspaper is an untamed and multifaceted listening experience. Material from his most recent productions is interwoven with work from earlier periods, creating an eclectic collage of warm, sparkling layers of sound with a slightly more positive tone than in previous outings. Of the lyrics, Sims explains, "the lyrical segments are very spontaneously written and are cathartic emotional outlets," admitting they "basically wrote themselves." His considerably experimental approach to songwriting and production has yielded what may be his most astonishing and original musical outing to date.

Blue Newspaper, while certainly diverse from song-to-song, is noticeably more approachable than its predecessors, Joey's goal was to create something that is easy to listen to, while still catering to critical ears and new listeners alike. His cues are derived from everything from hip hop-style sampling to traditional pop song structures, alternative music from the 90's and cryptic expressions of personality from the likes of Squarepusher and Autechre. "The music is conscious of being sacharrine pop music, but sincere and unlike ironic indie pop music." With a deeply-rooted interest in the sonic insanity of electronic music, JDSY seeks out an aural dimension that may sound, "alien and unfamiliar, but still rings true somehow."

Telluride - JDSY 

p.s. I highly recommend you check out the rest of the album on Moodgadget, D4 (school track) is my current fave!


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    if you feel like hearing more JDSY check it out at www.jdsy.bandcamp.com

    let me know if you end up doing a review, i'd love it.


    Joey aka JDSY