Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rock It Science Labs

Besides being the handsome gentleman in the pic above...Eric Sharp is the founder of Rock It Science Labs. "Rock It Science Laboratories is a fresh music label that zooms forth from one of San Francisco’s favorite warehouse party-maker crews turned club promoters, event tacticians, musicians and remixers. The Laboratories sound scape draws from a wide spectrum of underground influences developed at Rock It Science parties with the unifying principle of tracks being engineered directly for the dance floor."
Wiggle Room is the first EP from Rock It Sci Labs available now on Beatport with remixes from Santiago & Bushido, Trillbass, Andrew Phelan & George Cochrane.

Also, in celebration of the first Rock It release... Eric has been kind enough to drop us a few exclusive remixes from his personal arsenal of dancefloor faves, Thanks Eric! Enjoy!


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