Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why women love vampires and men don't.

A vampire is a monster, who looks, acts, and talks like a man. Who is passionate, romantic, and tortured. To surrender to this character is to play with fire. The vampire, in many ways, is the prototype of the bad boy.
Women love bad boys - they're exciting, and the chance to change him, to break him like a horse, must be an irresistible challenge. If self-destruction weren't seductive on some superficial level, then no one would ever need rehab.

Dudes just don't dig bloodsuckers, since vampires pretty much look like girls. We prefer zombies, because we love chainsaws, flamethrowers, and samurai swords.

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By John DeVore, The Frisky

I agree with the writer. Women love bad boys and being attracted to something bad feels so good.
Happy Halloween!
~Steph Geezy~


  1. Guys totally dig vampires! We just don't dig vampires portrayed like they are in such films as Twilight. I happen to be a huge fan of True Blood. I don't think this article is fair.

  2. In the words of Cassidy from "Preacher": "Aw, fuck me, you're a wanker!" That's what I have to say about 90% of all vampires. There are a few, like Cassidy, who are cool. But mostly...wankers.

  3. so, some dudes like 'em and some dudes don't! sounds good to me.

  4. I think guys can like Vampires too. I just feel like it's the women that swoon over the bad boy appeal of a Vampire.

  5. agreed, the guy writing the article basically admitted in the end that he secretly digs vampires.
    I think everyone likes em! =-D