Monday, October 12, 2009

Almost Kings, Greedy White Citizens and Soul Stash @ Masquerade

SO I know I've been kind of slacking on going to live shows, but yes, it finally happened again! I was lucky enough to have TWO of my favorite local bands playing at The Masquerade on Friday night. There was a great line-up! A band named Soul Stash opened the show. I heard that it was their lead singer's first show with that band, but you couldn't tell! They put on a very good show, and I'm definitely adding them to my list of bands to see!

Greedy White Citizens (a.k.a. GWC) took the stage next. I've been following these guys for almost 2 years, so maybe I'm a little bit biased, BUT this show was AMAZING! Since I see them so much, I always want them to take it to the next level. Friday night, you could tell just how much hard work these guys have been putting into their new songs, and the amount of time they had put into polishing their plder songs. They gave me chills! CHILLS! It has been a while since a local band gave me chills. GWC may have been quiet for the past few months, but they're back and here to ROCK YOUR FACE! You know it is a good GWC show when the mosh pit starts two songs in and doesn't stop until the last note is played. GOOD TIMES!

GWC is starting to add more tour dates. Their next show is October 23rd at Sweetwater Live in Duluth, GA. You can check out their music and look for upcoming shows in your area on their MySpace and become a fan on Facebook. Want GWC tunes now? Good news! Their full-lenght debut CD "Stereotype" is available on iTunes.


The final band was Atlanta's own Almost Kings. If you can't handle the heat, then don't go to an Almost Kings show! You will be sweating by the end of the first song from all the bodies crowded in to see these guys!  You'll be jumping and moving around from the very first song!! AK is a little over a year old band made up of members from Crazy Anglos and Mandrake Theory. They have great stage presence and their fans never cease to amaze me because of the amount of energy they give back to the band. If the band is bouncing, the crowd is bouncing! If Boze says "Put your hands in the air," the crowd puts their hands in the air! AK debuted two new songs: "Knock Out" and "Bang Loud." They did not disappoint! I can't wait to have these songs on a cd!

Want a glimpse of their live show? Check out this video from Wes Powell Films.

Almost Kings - Bounce (live) from Wes Powell Films on Vimeo.

Like what you see? You can find more music and info on their MySpace and become a fan on Facebook.


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