Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMF(ilm)G - WHIP IT!

This year for my birthday, I was very lucky to receive a ticket to the movie WHIP IT! from one of my best friends. Since I was young, I have always rushed to the theater to see Drew Barrymore's movies. I would def consider myself to be a very loyal fan and was so excited to see Drew's directorial debut. One of the best things about WHIP IT! is that is is FUN! It is such a release to watch it and I felt uplifted as I left the theater.

Unlike most people, I was not actually a huge fan of Ellen Page after seeing the movie Juno. However, I totally loved her character in this movie. I also loved that I could not tell that is was Drew's first time directing. The camera work was great, the underwater scene was nicely done, && the message of "finding your own tribe" and "being your own hero" was well displayed.

I liked the in-your-face lettering at the beginning of the movie (( it kind of reminded me of OMFG's blog )) and I  also really dig the soundtrack to the movie.

There's a lot of faces you will recognize in this
movie as well:
Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig, & Juliette Lewis to name a few.
So check it out sometime. ~S
You can see more clips @ Whip It!'s IMDB page & check out DrewBarrymoreOnline for more info. on Drew Barrymore.


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