Saturday, October 3, 2009

Audio Sensory Awakening Part 9

First things first. The rumors are true. Sub Pop is re-releasing 'Bleach': "Marking the 20th Anniversary of Nirvana’s debut album, Sub Pop will re-issue the Platinum Certified Bleach on November 3, 2009. This expanded CD/double-LP will include a never-before-released live performance, special packaging and the first run of the double-LP will be on 180g white vinyl (the first run of the original LP was also on white vinyl). Both formats will be available for pre-order at leading up to this edition’s release."
Here's a video of those earlier Nirvana days from Tijuana, Mexico

[Note: Either something's gone whacky with my browser or blogger won't let me attach photos without writing the code myself and I'm too lazy for that right now. Might fix later, no promises.]

Slick, is the word that comes to mind when I listen to this track. I know I must have run into one of Mayer Hawthorne's songs before because I recognize the name and I definitely dig his funkier vocal side. But of course, Classixx is what caught my eye here. I've defintely been a fan of the Classixx chill disco sound since the beginning of this year. Plus, the breakdown in the middle almost reminds me of something Beatles...
Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix) - Mayer Hawthorne
Here's another new Classixx, remixing the up and coming Aussie female vocalist, LadyHawke
Magic (Classixx Remix) - Ladyhawke

Speaking of the fab four. I have to share this super sweet, dreamy, and sometimes ska-sounding cover of "Come Together" with you. I just have to, you'll understand.
Come Together - The Invisible

I noticed a few blogs talking about Raw Man recently and I thought, "Nah, it couldn't be the same guy...". I used to rock some of Raw Man's tracks back in the early 2000s when he was on Crydamoure records. It was all very disco french house, but tons of fun. Turns out it is the same guy. Not only that, but he's also one half of the semi-famous Proirs. So naturally I was super curious to hear his new stuff. This track is a collabo between Raw and his girlfriend Blanche. Epic sound. Really like this one.
United (Club Mix) - Raw Man + Blanche (p.s, discodust's link wasn't working last time I tried it but im certain they'll fix that soon)

The first time I heard Chromeo, I played them non-stop. In my car, at gigs, at work, and I bought another mp3 player to walk around the grocery store with and continue the Chromeothon. It's french house meets new wave meets electro funk. It's orgasmic. Well P-Thugg and Dave1 are back at it. Delivering the ultimate in 80s synth since... well, the 80s.
I Can't Tell You Why - Chromeo
Night By Night - Chromeo

A follower of many things Hardkiss, I found Gavin had released this gem just today on his blog and it just rocks the box. Trippy, tropical, and magical all with a tight break beat and the signature Hardkiss sound. Here's what Gavin said about it: "Earlier this year, I had been listening to a lot of African records. With a pretty decent 12″ collection of my own, my thirst for African music was quenched when I was turned on to a great website called Voodoo Funk which has an amazing collection of dj sets from Africa. I grew up with a lot of these sounds playing live in the backyard of my house in Johannesburg – guitar driven odes to everyday life. “Inside Job” joins songs like Janes Addictions’ “Been Caught Stealin’ and The Smiths “Shoplifters of the World Unite” in taking on the great topic of theft – the unholy seventh commandment."
Inside Job - Hawke aka Gavin Hardkiss

To preface this part of my post, I have officially given up on getting my "Technicolor Dreamer" deluxe vinyl in the mail. I contacted the distributor after the street got pushed back three times and asked them to cancel my order. Now I feel like an idiot. Mainly because it was only after I cancelled my order that I decided to send Scott a little message on facebook and he replied confirming the distributor's story and thanked me for my patience. Yeah, now I'm a douche. Guess I'll have to try that again. In the meantime, I finally got something we can all listen to!
Come On, Come On (Morgan Geist Remix) - God Within aka Scott Hardkiss

Like most of the people I've talked to about this artist/group, I've had mixed feelings. Occasionally they come out with something that really hits home with me. But yet again I've heard several tracks that felt to me like they were squeezed out of a studio just in time to make the cost worth it. This is definitely one of the former, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting your time, trust me. While it is more of an edit than a remix, it works.
When I Grow Up (Bassnectar Remix) - Fever Ray

Well, I've been lookin for a good BNGR track to leave you guys with... but I just don't think we have one this week. Guess it's just not a BNGR week. Sorry guys. However... while this might not be an electro BNGR, this latest Yes Giantess release is definitely sweet. If you're going to have anything resembling an indie rock sound, you gotta deleiver something more to catch my attention. The 80s piano keyboard and rolling synth bass were just enough to fall in love with. Thanks Yes Giantess.
Tuff N' Stuff - Yes Giantess

“We picked viruses known to cross the placenta and get into the baby.” - Catherine Gibson

-- P.A.T.T.


  1. SOoooooooo awesome that you posted about Nirvana. I'm excited for re-release! I will always been a fan <3

  2. No doubt, Bleach was def an awesome album. Im thinking about getting the vinyl release... of course Im not having good luck with vinyl lately....