Monday, December 13, 2010

DivKid - Pile Driver EP

After a slew of remixes coming down the line, the DivKid machine has delivered a nice remix EP of their latest track 'Pile Driver". The original track is probably my favorite on this package simply because it feels like it just fills the room once it builds into the full body of the song. I'd probably file this under progressive before I'd put it in my electro crate, but it does have some electro elements. Backed up with 4 solid remixes from Bonn Lewis, Paul Lewis, Quantum Loop, and Dom Kane all mostly on that progressive side as well, but each with their own twist (Paul Lewis' 'Dark' mix brings a very minimal, eerie sound that you gotta check out). Check them out on the player here and then go pick up your faves from any one of the links below:

Pile Driver EP DJ support
(Phil Hartnoll) Orbital, Markus Schulz, Dave Seaman, Flash Brothers, Dibby Dougherty, Inigo Bar, Alex Kenning, Andy Mac, DJ Taucher, Maksim Yarmov, Aurelio, Steve Stimpy, Bernard Wilson, Shaahin Shalchian, DJ Baracuda, Javier, Drada, DJ Claudio, Michael Masem, DJ Wayno
- 'Liking them old skool t99 styled stabs'
- 'it's trying to be a bit different and taking some risks'
- 'Great tunes all remixes are worthy and all have something that was brought to the party which is unusual'
- 'Great Release'
- 'Quality'
- 'Well produced rollin' groove'
- 'remix is massive'
- 'Massive remix'
- 'Great track, infectious beats'


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