Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peder + Cours Lapin

Peder is know for releasing his debut album on american label Ubiquity and working with the likes of mo' wax, beastie boys, the prunes, ninja tune and dj krush. His music is complex but well balanced melange of soul fueled electronic and bespoke indie pop for the new decade.
His new album "Dirt & Gold" is both noisier and quieter, with many tempo, singers, and musicians and is influenced by Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Ray Charles etc. So you find surf guitar, hip-hop, french sounding film music, Draculaorgan, ghost pop, 1980s-Synth, and more on "Dirt & Gold. 

You are taken into a moviesque underworld of twisted French fairytales mixed with sexy finger clipping jive from the first minute. Cours Lapin consist of four Danish film composers Asger Baden, Peder, Jonas Struck and Louise Alenius and the mood of the album delivers on this: The album, Un, Deux, Trois  moves from the dark and sensual to naive and hopeful, reminiscent of the atmosphere found in the films of Tim Burton and David Lynch. One minute you are initiated into the mysterious intrigue surrounding a murder scene in the 1950s and the next minute you are following strange creatures on strings in a 20th century puppet theatre short before the sunburst.


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