Friday, December 3, 2010

Brass Bed - Melt White

Sunshine, sarcastic, and sullen, Brass Bed are a quartet of wide-eyed pop dreamers rifling through record bins and churning out recordings that double as rock and roll history lessons. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, their music elevates the unrestrained power pop of Big Star and the guitar heroics of Television with the 60’s pop revivalism of bands like Dukes of the Stratosphear and the Elephant 6 collective. Their songs speak with a voice that is both thoroughly modern and reverent of the past.

From this wealth of musical wisdom comes their new LP Melt White, presenting 11 sonic adventures. Recorded in Austin, TX with Danny Reisch at Cacophony Recorders and Good Danny’s studios, this album presents the potent live Brass Bed sound on tracks like “Pop Mission” and “Bums On The Radio” and studio playfulness of their home recordings on “Aria” and “God Save The Thieves”. Performances with the likes of The Walkmen, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Oakley Hall, Here We Go Magic, and Elf Power have established Brass Bed as a rising regional act with an unforgettable live show. Melt White drops on Park the Van Records in the Fall of 2010, melting faces and leaving a burning trail of psychedelic destruction in its path.


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