Friday, November 19, 2010

Sub Swara - Triggers

About a month ago we brought you the Sub Swara remix of Shutterbug. And about two weeks ago Sub Swara dropped their second album 'Triggers'. I did give you a widget to grab one of their tracks free after signing up on their email list, but now they've dropped us Bend You and Steam as 320kbps giveaway  tracks!

Sub Swara creates, constructs, produces and plays genrebending bass music that parallels the diversity of their home town of Brooklyn, NY. Consisting of Dhruva and Dave Sharma, Sub Swara's musical genome brings together a wide assortment of DNA - from dub to hip-hop, dancehall to punk rock, and all the global sounds in between. Sub Swara combines electronic production, live instrumentation, and 3000% of recommended energy levels to bring to life an inclusive, human experience that creates an inviting space for anyone and everyone.

Sub Swara's second album, Triggers (out on Low Motion Records), continues the group's exploration and blending of different spaces in bass music and draws from a completely unique sound pallete that marries both live (much of the percussion is actually played by the group in addition to other instruments by guest artists) and electronic elements. The aesthetic is not tied to any single genre. It traverses through dubstep, hip hop, and sounds yet to be classified, binding these elements together with a strong melodic center, dancefloor energy and inventive production.

The album features collaborations with Dead Prez Lyrics Born, Kendra Foster of Parliament Funkadelic and the up and coming hip hop act, Freddie Mills. The instrumental collaborations feature the afrobeat horns of Antibalas and a host of master session musicians from around the world.


Here's an extra treat, a 44min, 320kbps mix of tracks off the album mixed by Sub Swara

Triggers Mixtape Vol.1 - Sub Swara

Now go buy the album! = )

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