Friday, March 5, 2010

OM(usic)FG - Pitch Twit

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to Pitch Twit aka Tom Sidebottom and the main man behind this new label Sic Outfit. Bulletproof is the 1st release on Sic Outfit and Tom is hooking us up with a freebie on the dub mix! I like the breaky, nu-disco-ness of the track, both the dub and the original. I'm not sure why he chose to go with such heavy filters on the vocals on the original though (I can't make out most of the lyrics).  A solid production for his first release, I hope to hear a little more glitch and cleaner vocals from future releases.

Pick up your copy of Sic Outfit's 1st release today:

Bulletproof by pitchtwit


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