Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OMFG - We Are Taking Over Masquerade March 19th

This Friday is gonna be a totally fun night for us here at OMFG. A couple of our contributors will be performing @ The Masquerade and most of the other OMFG contributors will just be there to party!!! Starting at 8:00pm in HELL: Wavepool's Final Farwell performance with opening guests: Lakehurst is Burning, Karbomb, and The Carry-Ons.  (Karbomb is our contributor, Fozzy's, band) Also, at 8:00 in HEAVEN is Alkaline Trio with opening band Cursive. After starting off your night @ a punk rock show then find your way over to PURGATORY! Starting at 10:00pm, will be a party called Fuze. It will have a fun variety of dance music for everyone: including a performance by OMFG's Galactus / DJ!! Other djs are: Heather B vs Bassgate, REL1, Disciple13, and Richard Devine. Plus, $1 PBR til midnight, or til we drink it all up again! 
So remember: March 19th, Masquerade is where it's at!
You can find info on FB for both of these events:
Karbomb - PUNK SHOW
Galactus / DJ - DANCE PARTY

Here is Galactus / DJ's latest mix tape:
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