Monday, August 17, 2009

OMFG(ossip Girl) -

Thank you SO MUCH across you just made my celeb-aholic day!

On their list of celebrity bloggers (found @ I immediately saw some of my girly favs:

Kendra (@ )

Audrina ( ) - she even has her sis's engagement pics up!

Nicole (@ )

This is a cool place to see some of their personal pics && public blog.
I hope that fills your celeb fix for the week.
Snoop around and see who else you can find! Lemme know.
S - Your Gossip Girl

Oh yes..&& I finally found a good pic of Audrina's neck tattoo:


  1. This is cool! I like the photos.

  2. I love her neck tattoo!!

  3. oh wow i love her neck tattoo so much! great pics steph!!!