Saturday, December 17, 2011

Toyota's Awesome Fun-Vii concept car

Have you ever wished your car could change to fit your mood? Wanted to tell that person who cut you off or is riding your tail EXACTLY how you feel? Well, Toyota's new concept car, the Fun-Vii, will allow you to do just that! You would be able to create custom graphics on the exterior AND the interior display and change them with a simple tap of an app.

Toyota envisions the car as a fully interactive car that is connected to the Internet and a mobile network of other vehicles. Besides just being an awesome and fun car, the the Fun-Vii will alert the driver to potential road hazards such as a car in the blind spot or cars ahead making emergency stops.

The car features would be controlled by a smartphone or tablet app, so changes could be made inside or outside of the car. Pretty neat, huh? Until you accidentally tweet naked pictures to your car's exterior....oh my.


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