Thursday, December 1, 2011

OM(ovie)FG - Young Adult Sneak Peak

My friend was lucky enough to get a ticket to the screening of Charlize Theron's new movie.
Young Adult will be hitting theaters, Dec. 16th. Here's a peak:
Following her divorce, 37 year old Mavis Gary (Charlize) realized her life is not how she expected it to be. This hot-mess decides to go back to her small hometown in Minnesota to get her high school/college ex-boyfriend (Patrick Wilson) back even though he is now happily married with a kid.The awkwardness that comes from this sticky situation is almost painfully uncomfortable at times. That being said, the idea of returning to a time in your life when things seemed easier and perfect is definitely relatable. The movie tackles the drama that follows her decision to get back her ex in a very realistic way rather than a "there's-no-way-that-would-ever-happen-in-real-life" way which was a refreshing change of pace for me. So if you want a realistic drama with a couple of laughs thrown in, and don't mind awkward uncomfortableness then I would definitely suggest you see this movie...but wouldn't spend crazy movie theater prices for it.
The perfect setting to enjoy this movie is at home on the couch in your comfiest pjs.

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