Thursday, December 1, 2011

Talib Kweli, Ahmed Soultan and others - "People Power"

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A great new project out of Africa has created a song to support the climate movement there. In the past 16 years, there has been no action from the United Nations climate talks, and the people are getting frustrated. Enter a group of musicians from throughout Africa and around the world created a “theme song.” The song was written to tell the truth about how the climate change is affecting Africa and also in the hope of inspiring more people to join in the cause and make the future better for everyone.

The song is called “People Power” feat Talib Kweli, Zap Mama, Angelique Kidjo, Ahmed Soultan, Zolani Mahola (From the group who did the world cup song Waka Waka with Shakira: Freshlyground ) and Jabulani Tsambo. You may recognize a few of these names: Talib Kweli has collaborated with many American rap/hip hop/R & B artists such as Kanye West, Common, Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans. We also featured Ahmed Soultan in a Sept. 2009 (Ahmed Soultan - Taste of Music in Morocco) after I heard him on the radio while visiting Morocco.

While the song isn’t available in the US on iTunes, you can listen to a soundcloud version of it. **CLICK HERE**

Some of it IS in English, so don’t worry. It’s a great jam & hopefully draws a lot of attention to this cause.


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