Thursday, December 15, 2011

OM(usic)FG - The Killers Sing Christmas!

Las Vegas natives, The Killers, haven't had a studio album since 2008, they release a new single every year to support RED, the AIDS fighting charity. In 2008 they had a collaboration with Elton John & Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) and in 2009 they made a Spanish influenced ditty with Wild Light & Mariachi El Bronx. This year's "The Cowboys' Christmas Ball" is an upbeat song (now avaialable on iTunes) that creates a vivid picture of cowboys and ranch hands partying at Christmas time. You can listen to an unofficial stream of the song here.

The past 6 years of benefit songs are available for download on iTunes. You'll get 6 songs for $5.99, and be supporting a great cause all at the same time. Also, look forward to a new album from these guys. They have been in the studio this year working on their fourth album.


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