Saturday, August 20, 2011

OM(ovies)FG - Celeb Sightings in ATL 'What To Expect..'

Lots of celebs on the prowl in the ATL lately! Here's the latest: As you have probably heard by now the film, 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' is being filmed in Atlanta. The cast includes: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chase Crawford, Chris Rock and more!
One of the filming locations was Smith's Old Bar. They rented out the place to film some scenes. When they weren't filming there, they were also set up on Broad St. in downtown Atlanta, Rag-o-Rama in Little 5, & they filmed inside a house near Little 5 as well. Here are some pics from the Broad St. Location where they had food trucks set up & were putting down fake Fall leaves in the street. Chase took some pictures with fans & it appears that they are using some of the same crew that helped to film The Three Stooges movie.
All last week Chris Rock was filming in Piedmont Park. Yours truly (me!!) was picked to be an extra for the Chris Rock scenes, but had to cancel last minute. There will be more opportunities..right???
Local spots that the cast have turned into Hot Spots are: South City Kitchen, Bookhouse Pub, & MF Sushi. Chase Crawford was seen hanging out at Bookhouse Pub before jetting back to film more episodes of Gossip Girl. Cameron Diaz was seen TONIGHT at MF Sushi & has been seen at least twice last week eating at South City Kitchen (SCK) on the patio with her mom & then again the same night with a group of friends. SCK has also served it up to Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.
Gossip Note: I have heard rumors of a bitterness between Ms. Diaz & J. Lo, but can't confirm anything. I'm pretty sure the two did not even film many (if any) scenes together. If there is drama going on, it's sure to have ended by now. I heard J. Lo wrapped her scenes and headed back to American Idol!
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