Sunday, August 14, 2011

OMF(amous)G - Leonardo DiCaprio & The Jersey Shore?!

While the cast of The Jersey Shore were out in L.A., they got to party with one of the best, Leonardo DiCaprio. He came up to the cast & starting quoting the show. "GTL", he said to Pauly D.
Looks like Leo loves the show! Here's a picture of him with JWoww:
In another interview with Snooki, she said that when she first met Leo on the red carpet, she looked at him and said "Wanna come back to my room & watch Titanic with me?" Leo looked and her and laughed and said "Oh my god, shut up. (jokingly)." Great to see that the gang from the shore is fitting in so nicely out in Hollywood. Check out this interview with Pauly D & Snooki:

Video Source: Access Hollywood
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