Saturday, August 20, 2011

OMF(rances)G - Frances Bean...All Grown Up!

We first gave you an update on Frances Bean Cobain's entrance into the industry in February 2010. Click here to view the Older Post. Now, we are here with an update on Kurt Cobain's daughter. The beautiful, Frances, has now entered into her own. Her stunning good looks are sure to not be the only thing that will get people's attention. I think that ever since her father's death in the 90's, the music & grunge world has wondered what her outcome would be.
Follow this link to view the rest of the pictures of the young, almost 19-year-old, beauty. Looks like Kurt made a gorgeous angel before he left.
Here's a look at the more edgy & tattooed side that Frances has shown us the past few years:
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