Monday, August 15, 2011

OMFG(ossip) - Tara Reid forgets tradition. Engaged/married in one day!

picture from
Karla Rodas/IPHOTO

American Pie's Tara Reid is now officially married to Zack Kehayov, someone we've barely (never) heard of. After recently ending things with Danish businessman Michael Lilleun, we can probably call this one as "on the rebound."  When will celebs realize that getting engaged/married isn't the smartest way to get over an ex?? Sure, it could be a publicity stunt, but Tara confirmed through her Twitter that she "just got engaged," and then a mere 4 hours later, she "just got married in Greece!"  (click here for pic of her rings)

Just last April, she called off a 4 month engagement with Michael Axtmann whom she had only dated for a few months before accepting his proposal. Whoa there little D-lister.  I hope things work out, or maybe we should start wagering how long it will last? 1 month. I'm in at 1 month. Ok, ok maybe it's true love.... ?


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