Thursday, November 18, 2010

Culprit 1 - Theme 2 + Cluedo

Culprit 1 Cluedo. Enter now to win some amazing prizes.
Hello and welcome to Culprit Cluedo, a new competition from Exceptional Records to celebrate the release of Culprit 1's second album 'Theme 2' on 22nd Nov.
By the way, you can listen to tracks from the new album right here :
And preorder your copy from iTunes here :  
Start playing Culprit Cluedo now to be in with a chance of bagging yourself an exclusive, personalised signed copy of the album, 2 tickets for a Culprit 1 gig of your choice, a copy of Culp’s first album ‘Running In Order’ plus immortalisation* by being announced as the winner by James “Culprit 1” Hannam himself in a video message (which may or may not self-destruct) on Exceptional and Culprit 1 web pages.
Scattered across the Culprit 1 and Exceptional Records-related web pages are 10 x unique Culprit Cards. It’s your job to don your monocle, fake mustache and silly hat and go in search of them. Some will be easy to find, some may be a little more tricky, but don’t worry we’ll provide clues along the way on the Culprit 1 facebook wall. The competition runs until one of you collects all 10 cards and email them to us at using the subject line “I’ve only gone and won Culprit Cluedo!”) – the first to send all the cards in wins the lot. Anyone who collects 5 cards or more can email them in to claim their a free track download from the album by emailing them in.
Feel free to share/trade/swap cards with other followers on Culp’s facebook wall but be aware the more you give away the more likely someone else will win!
Here is a list of the cards, they’re numbered 1 to 10 so you can keep track of how you’re doing :
Example: Theme 2 Album 
Culprits: 01.Culprit 1 / 02.Polar Bear / 03.Smiler / 04.Iko
Weapons: 05.SM58 / 06.Keyboard / 07.Macbook / 08.Violin
Crime Scenes: 09.Cardiff / 10.Exceptional HQ
By entering the competition you are agreeing to our terms and conditions
Right, that’s it. Ready, steady… go!
You can watch James ‘Culprit 1 Hamman’ chatting about the making of the new album right here :


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