Thursday, November 11, 2010

OMF(ood)G- Simply Delicious - Uncle Julio's!

Hi there! I have been on a trip or two lately and so I haven’t shared any good local places to eat in a while. Well, today a group went to Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Café or Casa Grande on Peachtree St. for lunch. For starts we got 2 large orders of guacamole to go with their famous thin chips and salsa! It was mighty tasty!!! I had their steak quesadillas and the others ordered tacos, tortilla soup and salad, and fajitas. We all were stuffed and happy by the time the meal was complete. 
The one bad thing was we had to go back to work so that meant no margaritas! Oh DARN! They have some of the best Mexican food in town in my opinion. If you have not already eaten there I recommend you give it a try. Try their Swirl:

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