Thursday, August 19, 2010

OM(usic)FG - KingBilly

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There aren’t many weekends when I don’t have something to do, but last Friday, the roommate and I were in need of some entertainment. We wound up at Peachtree Tavern and discovered this amazing band from Nashville. It’s rare that I find a band that catches my attention so quickly, but with KingBilly, I was hooked from the first song and was very excited to write about them. We liked them SO much that we took a road trip the next day to see them in Panama City Beach, FL to see them perform at an American Cancer Society benefit. KingBilly is one of those bands you hear and just can’t figure out why they’re not a huge act yet. Everyone needs to be friends with KingBilly.

The band is made up of 5 ridiculously talented musicians who perform a unique blend of country, bluegrass, and rock with harmonies you wouldn’t believe. Donny, Josh, John, Kevin, and Matt put on a live show so energetic and spontaneous you won’t want it to end. Their set includes most of their originals and random cover songs ranging from Sublime to Tom Petty. Have a request? If they don’t know it, they’ll attempt to play it. It’s all about the fans, right? For any given song, you’re not sure who will be singing and who will be playing what instrument, but all the songs have the same great energy.

KingBilly’s band members bring influences from all over the US (North Dakota, Maryland, Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia) to create a sound that represents their love of music. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of their 5 song EP “Surrender,” and it has not left my cd player since (ok, so except for one time when I listened to my Keith Urban cd).

Track 1, “When She Breaks Down,” starts off with the bands’ amazing harmonies, and gets you craving more just in the first 10 seconds. If you’re not moving your head or tapping your feet to this song, you need to get your hearing checked. Track 2, “Surrender,” is their incredible radio ready tune that was created with the help of Richard Marx, yes THAT Richard Marx. We had this song stuck in our head all weekend. Tracks 3 and 5, the ballads “Savannah’s not in Georgia Anymore” and “Angel on my Shoulder,” really showcase lead singer Donny’s great, effortless voice. Track 4, “I Wanna Come Back as Her Beer,” is now my new going out anthem with lyrics like “I haven’t had a drop, but I’m catching me a buzz. Never seen a woman treat a bottle that way, it’s like she’s making love” that make me want to get up and dance.

KingBilly performing “Surrender” to packed house at 12th and Porter

Check them out on Facebook, Myspace, or their official site

Their EP Waiting on You is available on iTunes. GO listen!

Slideshow from Peachtree Tavern & Panama City Beach


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